Trial Spy Testimonials

From Member Survey: TESTIMONIALS

Long-term profitable service that's easy to follow  PH

Excellent and professionally run service that has generated long term profits for the 2 years I've followed. Keep up the great work in 2017!

Trial Spy is a selection service that provides an exciting profitable tool to your punting armoury. Several of my collects have been exceptional with some recommended wagers arriving at prices exceeding $20 with at least 2 over $50. As much of the information provided is on young horses who race early in the meeting, I have enjoyed many a day with money in my pocket after the first race or two - a satisfying feeling.  Trial Spy ticks all the higher boxes when it comes to Selection Services. JACK SPRING

I have been a Trial Spy member for 4 years. During that time I tried a number of tipping services but kept finding their 'performance promise' was just a sales gimmick. They sold well but the results were invariably ordinary and they didn't publicly list all their tips and results. Trial Spy has always been transparent with its results and consistently out performed anything I have tried - and there have been some nice big odds surprises. In short I trust TS do their homework thoroughly and genuinely want to get a winning outcome, not just a short term profit from the customer.    Michael Harris

Dean's service is very profitable and he provides excellent  customer service. I have been a member since the beginning of the service and cannot fault it. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the service (apart from the great profits!) is that Dean has a major review of the service on a regular basis and this leads to an improved performance. The willingness to do these reviews tells me that Dean strives for continuous improvement, something which I greatly value.  Geoff

I have been a trial spy subcriber since inception and it is by some margin the best racing tip service I've been involved in. The tips are insightful, consistently successful (with a superb pot >11%) and highly informative.

I enjoy Trial Spy and have subscribed for three years. It is profitable, focused and fun.  Matt

Long term profit machine, excellent value winners my longest subscription service at over 4 years. Nathan T

I have been trialling Trial Spy for the last year and have nothing but praise for it. Unlike others I have tried I have won money consistently. This year I will be upping the ante and having larger bets.

I've been a member since inception and Trial Spy is simply the best horse racing tipping service available in Australia. Aside from great profits, a top education in all aspects of betting is also provided through a detailed information pack, commentary on all selections or simply through contacting Dean himself, who is always happy to answer any punting questions, even if they are not directly related to the service itself.  S.H

Dean provides a brilliant service, finding horses that other analysts may not rate. Recently he identified a 61/1 horse which duly won. Nigel

Great Service. Will be a subscriber for years to come!!

Best betting service available   I have been a member for over 2 years and never found anything that comes close. The ability to back horses outside the market for both win and exotic bets have returns like no other - John

Dean is a revered professional within the industry due to his outstanding results. The only thing higher than his results is the integrity in which the service is run and the transparency of the recording process. Anthony Jupp


From Member Survey: How would you describe Dean and/or the Trial Spy service in just a few words? 

Profitable service, easy to follow with clear betting advice

Succinct informative

Very profitable and fair service over the long term

A more than good service. An important part of my punting approach

Takes the hard work out of sifting through hundreds of races to find horses going well and hopefully ready to win.

Insightful, low maintenance, focused

Excellent - reliable results over long periods - times when things don't move much but then - bang - your off again

Tips service based on trial form

Value betting backed up with excellent information and education for members.

Lots of fun. Very lucrative.

Good fun and profitable.


Excellent and time saving

I find the new approach excellent

Profitable, Professional, Trustworthy

Horse racing tips based predominantly on trial and recent race form

Gives good value chances

Very Good

pretty good no issues really

Excellent betting strategies.


Trial Spy service is very easy to follow with some great tips, insights and staking. The comments on each horse by Dean give a short analysis of how he thinks the horse will run.




From Member Survey: What is the #1 value you find in being a Trial Spy member?

It is long-term profitable and I like the fact we bet on race day, after 9am

Ability to locate a better price winner

Profitability was the number 1.


Identifying the abilities of young gallopers

finding horses that represent good value ready to win


Finding runners the market ignores/misses

Longer priced horses to put into multiples

The service offers outstanding value for money


Good returns.


Freedom to do other things

Good value bets without large volume

The education in all aspects of betting. Being able to chat with Dean and learn from the best in the industry.

The research from trials that I wouldn't otherwise have the time to review

Diversifies my other betting as a lot of bets on minor tracks whereas most of my other betting is on metro racing

Attention to detail

Making profit.

Love the analysis. Finding the long shots based on great analysis.

Good tips and good service. No bullshit , no lies no scams

Getting winners at good prices all across the country.

Finding value outside the market

Clear staking plan


From Member Survey: What have you been able to do with these profits?

Put them back into my betting so that I can increase my bet size and as a result my profits

Building bank and increasing unit size

Nothing yet, but it's becoming a big boost towards putting down a deposit on my first house

Bought laptop, paid uni fees, paid daughters airfare to Europe

Helped fund an overseas holiday

Overseas trips

Bought a horse

Purchased a car

Go to UK

Helping pay off mortgage - still going

Buy art work

Pay off some of my mortgage

Move overseas and concentrate on full time punting


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