Strikers Announcement - New and Vastly Improved Methodology


We have been discussing the Strikers service with the current analyst for some time, and worked diligently on various rules and filters to try and bring the Strikers system back to its original consistent and high profitability. 

The attempted rules and filters essentially brought the service to a flatline position, but we were not satisfied enough with the perfomance to continue.

The Strikers analyst has been working for a long time on a completely different method based on a completely different database, and the results have been promising.

This selection set averages around 5 bets per day. All bets will remain at 1u win per selection, with all bets recorded at BOB.

Starting tomorrow, the selections will no longer be based on the previous Strikers system at all. They will be based solely on this entirely new system.

So far in 2020 the system has had an average win price of $3.87, with winners at odds of as high as $26.30. The win strike rate has been 30.7%.

We are hoping this new model generates similar results as the testing period, and similar outstanding returns to those which same analyst delivered in his first 4 months with this service.

The first set of selections under the new model begin tomorrow.


It has been 1 month since we advised that were were completely replacing the previous Strikers selection methodology with a set of brand new systems from completely different data sources.

Since sending that e-mail, in the first month the Strikers service has made +28.3u profit at 18.6% POT with a 35% win strike rate.

Over the course of December we have continued to independently analyse and test the analyst's new methods, and have reduced the number of independent systems from 21 down to the most profitable and reliable top 11 systems. We expect this system set to remain constant for some time.

Since finalising the final method over the past 2 weeks the service has produced a +31.9u profit at  41.4% POT with a 39% strike rate and 9 winning days from the past 12 betting days.

We hope you've been enjoying the new methodology and hope it continues to deliver strong profits in line with December and the 2020 backtesting.

Kind Regards,

Member Success Team

Winning Edge Investments