Saturday 13th February

+3.2u at 80% POT

1 winner from 2 selections

50% Strike Rate

Winner: Zou Dancer $3.60

Comments: It was a quiet day but we came out in front thanks to a big win by Zou Dancer, Elite Street was disappointing but the Stewards Report has a pretty clear explanation of why.


Selection Review

Zou Dancer $3.60 (1st for a 7.2u return) – this was a very impressive run from a horse that looks destined to win a lot more races, she rated in the top 10 speed performances of the meeting and still had quite a bit in reserve. The inside lanes were inferior on the day which makes the performance even better..

Elite Street $17.00 (UNP) – this was not a pie in the sky selection despite the fact that he finished 12L last, the stewards report states “Slow to begin. Post-race endoscopy of Elite Street detected a degree of internal exercise‑induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) that may have affected the horse's racing performance.” He is a much better horse than his performance on Saturday and I have no doubt he will win a nice race in Melbourne this preparation.



It is the time of year when a lot of horses are resuming and selections will likely be limited, it is unfortunate that there are not more selections at the moment however, regardless of the number of selections the goal is still to win as consistently as possible.


February Results To Date

+1u at 8.3% POT

2 winner from 6 selections (1 selections beaten less than 1L for 13.8u)

33% Strike Rate


Speed Stars Service Results (since inception 11/07/2020)

+47.1u at 14.7% POT

14/29 Winning Weeks

4/7 Winning Months

2/2 Winning Quarters


Long Term Model Results

74/117 Winning Days – 63.25%

18/25 Winning Months – 72.00%

8/8 Winning Quarters – 100.00%

42.1% Strike rate

+433.4u at 41.4% POT


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