December Highlights!



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December Highlights




International Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Month: +73.3 units profit (11% POT)

Overall: +1517.6 units profit (27% POT)

A huge month to close out the year! Highlights included Romeo’s Magic $39.24, Colorado Miss $34.25, Riverfalls $28.25, Mahoe $26.30, Free Spirit $25.70, Mcgregor $25.42, Our Wonderland $24.75, Hottenhots Holland $23.94, Danon Smash $23.60, Ontopoftheworld $18.58, Ginny $17.89, Volitivo $17, Star Over Capetown $16.40, Hakuna Matata $15.73, Peerless Warrior $14.87, Wonder Win $14 & Successful Secret $13.62.

New Zealand: +66.2u @ 36% POT

Singapore: +5.5u @ 15% POT

Hong Kong: +1.6u @ 2% POT

South Africa: +0u @ 0% POT

2020 Results: +1517.6u @ 27% POT


New Zealand Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Month: +66.2 units profit (36% POT)

Overall: +417.0 units profit (21% POT)

Big winners across a massive month included Colorado Miss $34.25, Riverfalls $28.25, Mahoe $26.30, Free Spirit $25.70, Our Wonderland $24.75, Ginny $17.89, Volitivo $17, Hakuna Matata $15.73, Peerless Warrior $14.87 & Blew By You $11.41.

2020 Results: +417u @ 21% POT


WA Tips & Ratings – Cameron O’Brien

Month: +17.3 units profit (26% POT)

Overall: +120.9 units profit (10% POT)

Some of the best results in what was a great month to finish 2020 were Beat The Bell $14.70, Kissonallforcheeks $14, Avalon Bay $12.74, Bull Bizarre $10.60 & Acermetric $8.50.

51.2u worth of 2nds for the month.

2020 Results: +9.3u @ 2% POT



Month: +16.1 units profit (13% POT)

Overall: +40.0 units profit (2% POT)

The selection system and data sources were completely changed early December and we have seen the immediate benefits of this. Highlights across a strong December were Karli’s Karma $9.70, Adelase $6.50, Green Ivy $6.50, Dunbrody Power $6.50, Single Crown $6.20, Ping Ping $5.50, La Chiave $5.30 & Defiant Dancer $5.

141.2u worth of 2nds for the month.

2020 Results: +41.4u @ 2% POT


Greyhound Genius

Month: +6.3 units profit (9% POT)

Overall: +1205.9 units profit (13% POT)

Best winners across another winning month included Federal Fletch (Place) $9, Roman Remiss $3.20 & Wyndsor Rose $3.10.

2020 Results: +181.9u @ 14% POT


Singapore Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Month: +5.5 units profit (15% POT)

Overall: +238.8 units profit (46% POT)

Best results across a winning month were Mcgregor $25.42, Water Rocket $8.60 & Headhunter $8.57.

2020 Results: +238.8u @ 46% POT


Hong Kong Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Month: +1.6 units profit (2% POT)

Overall: +214.1 units profit (19% POT)

Some of our better results across December were Danon Smash $23.60, Momentum Galaxy $16.65, Wonder Win $14 & Daily Charm $9.65.

2020 Results: +214.1u @ 19% POT








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