Starting October 2021, the Speed Stars service will take on a new look as Mat tries to avoid the large number of close calls and near misses of late. The amount of units lost by small margins on horses who were beaten by bad luck, poor rides and Mat's 2nd/3rd rated horses has been significant and amendments are being made to change that.

Going forward selections will take on a mix of the following types:

The changes are being made to drive a higher probability of posting solid long term profitability than looking at win bets only.

The standard 11:15am release time will remain with any earlier or later release selections notified. Unit staking will vary pending on the situation and may include some at fixed odds.

Mat Smith has been a form analyst for the last 10 years.

Mat has previously provided highly successful tipping services to other providers, including one between August 2014 and March 2016 that made 237.3 units profit at 15% POT, before the tipping organisation moved into sports data services and stopped offering horse racing tips. Mat also offered a free newsletter demonstrating how effective his speed and sectional based ratings were. Results were based on proportional stakes at SP, and between January and October 2018 that generated 62.7u profit at 18.5% POT.

Mat explains his journey and approach below.

"I started out using the 'tried and true' principles of racing, but after a few years learned that using public racing data alone did not provide a lot of value since everyone has access to it. I began to experiment with speed ratings and realised that there were not that many people using them, and there was a significant edge in speed based data when formulated using verified race and sectional times. Whilst sectional times are now being made more publicly available, times on their own are often misleading, so having access to a proper ratings database is important. The data revolution led me to start developing a model to combine key form and market based data along with speed and sectional ratings to find the right horses to analyse, and the right races to bet in. I find this works best with reliable data and good, consistent horses, so I choose to focus on Saturday Metropolitan meetings, targeting Sydney and Melbourne which is where the large majority of selections come from.

The model narrows down the number of races for me to analyse and once I have reviewed the model selections and the other horses in the race, I determine if the race represents a betting opportunity or if I move on to the next one. It is a very selective process with an average of 4-5 selections per Saturday, sometimes there are none and other days there are 10 or more, but I never make a selection that I feel is not a genuine winning chance based on the information I have available. Sometimes the model misses horses that are not popular on form or market factors, yet are strong performers from a speed perspective, so there is a small percentage of horses of this nature that make up the selections, along with some mid week blackbookers that are placed well. I used to try to beat the market but I believe now that the key to winning is to verify the market and key form factors with accurate speed ratings to find strong winning chances.

Having previously provided selections for a very profitable racing service, I understand the need to have a professional approach and treat betting like a business, and this is how I operate my service."

Fair Odds Recording Methodology - Speed Stars

All bets are sent at 11.15am, and every bet result is recorded simply at BOB (Best Tote or official Top Fluc)


This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships

We’re so confident in this package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.


Testimonials - Speed Stars

Mat's tips gave me the best day on the punt ever today! Speed Stars is a profitable, professional and simple service to follow. Bets are recommended at BOB prices so there is no need to rush to the phone or computer to secure a specific price. He explains the reasoning behind his selections and also provides a summary of how a selection ran the day after. I've learned a lot from these and it has helped me become better with my own personal punts. The method has been highly profitable over a long period. Trust the process and you can be very confident to reap the rewards! L.A

Extremely happy with this service. The results have been excellent even though we have been unlucky on occasions due to factors out of our control. I have confidence in the selections and appreciate the thorough explanation behind the selection process. The Sunday review is great and clearly outlines where we are at. Overall it is an excellent service. Gavin K

The Speed Stars service has exceeded my expectations since joining. I enjoy getting the reasons for backing horses and post meet reviews. I feel confident in the horses being backed and recently increased my unit $ per bet. I would highly recommend the service. Keep up the good work Mat. David P

I love the fact that it’s BOB and a genuine set and forget service. So many bookmakers offer BOB now so it’s never a problem to get set, even if you are using large stakes. I’ve used quite a few betting services over the years now and Speed Stars has by far been the best. I play cricket on Saturdays and so don’t have time to be sitting in front of a computer hunting around for the best odds. The BOB bets sent at 11:15 each Saturday means I know when they’re coming and it’ll only take me 5 minutes to put them on. Mat gives you a thorough write up on each bet detailing why he likes it. He also gives a full review on how we went every Sunday win, lose or draw. As far as the results go, well they speak for themselves. I’m up $4,833 in 2½ months after accounting for the cost of the service. When recording results at BOB there’s nowhere to hide. The price is the price and it is achievable by everyone. Many services from other providers hide behind the price sent out which can skew their results. These results are totally transparent and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Chris J

Speed Stars has been sensational! My bank has substantially increased during my time with Mat and the results are easily achievable via BOB! The biggest positive of this service bar the results is how interactive Mat is. He provides detailed reasons on why the selection was picked and how the selection performed and a review of the days results. Loving more dialogue rather than just a list of tips. He has also given us a long history of his bets which reassures me that his service will be profitable in the long term. Jimmy K

Speed Stars would be the BEST tipping service I have ever been involved in. Matt knows his stuff. Love the Sunday wrap as well. Was shocked when he tipped against Russian Camelot. So reduced wager accordingly. Silly me. HA HA. Never again. Fantastic Vern W

Having utilised numerous tipping services over the years I can categorically say Mat’s service is well ahead of any I have subscribed too. Not just because he selects winners but the information he provides on each runner is fantastic information and really gives you confidence as to why the horse has been selected. His bets are all BOB so it’s quick and easy to place your bets and you don’t have to go searching for the best fixed price. Really saves a lot of time. Since joining I am up over 40+ units and as a $100 a unit Punter that’s over $4000 in about 2 months. Mat also provides a summary of each horse and how it ran the day after. I don’t know many services that go to this much effort for you. All his results are totally transparent and his stats speak for themselves. I think investing in Mat and the Speed Stars is a no brainer for smart investors. Tristan

Loving the service, been a member for only 2 weeks and between the Greyhound Genius and Speed Stars I have over $7000 in my account, unbelievable. Jamie T

I have been following the Speed Stars service for the past 2 months now and have found it to be absolutely superb. Mat’s analysis and model has proven to be very profitable so far. Being able to read the methodology behind the selections gives a great insight into why we are backing each horse as well. The great part about the service is how easy it is to just simply receive the email on a Saturday morning and then place your bets using the BOB product for the best results. So far it has been one of the most member friendly and profitable services I have been a part of. Would recommend to anyone out there wanting to treat their punting as a profitable and enjoyable investment.  Fraser A

I have been a member of this service for over two months and my bankroll has grown by almost 50% which is quite an incredible growth considering the tight margins being offered across the totes. An absolutely hassle free service with results that can be matched by anyone including a mug punter like myself. Mat is very professional on how he goes about things and does provide a great insight on the selections he backs in each race. The 80 % strike rate of winning days is just unreal, so you will walk away with a win in 3 out of 4 Saturdays in a month, how good is that?? Can't think of a service that could match that. I wish I could come up with something that I can point out and say this can be improved but there isn't anything really! This service is a complete package that comes with huge profits, punctuality, professionalism and is easy to follow. No need to get up early and have all the accounts ready to get the right prices, all you need do is just the place bets at 11:15am each Saturday at BOB, and just enjoy the races and the money that comes with it! Extremely happy customer! Pankush P

Since joining Speed Stars, results have been strong and profits building my bank. Customer service by Mat is timely and professional. His pre and post race summaries are informative, particularly his reasoning on why a selection is a strong bet. You always feel you're in the loop. I bet with two Australian bookies who offer BOB, so Speed Stars results are easily matched in a bet and forget style. His service is a refreshing change from others I've tried. It is simple to follow and doesn't rely on spin. Mat's approach is data, form and research driven - his modelling is the key to his success. To anyone serious about betting as a long term investment, I highly recommend giving Speed Stars a go, particularly with a long term outlook. Tony H

Speed Stars is outstanding for a number of reasons. Obviously the results have been very pleasing, but aside from that Mat is an engaging and informative analyst. It's terrific to have a rundown of why each runner is selected each week in detail as it injects some context into the selections and makes horse racing an even more engaging sport to follow than it already is. Mat always replies to emails promptly whether they're a question about a selected runner or just an email of congrats for good results. Having been a member of a number of services from Winning Edge, I'd say Speed Stars has been my favourite for all of those reasons. Angus D

Speed Stars is a truly remarkable service with a significant edge over the market. This is shown in the attractive mix of prices for selections. From favourites right through to a number of winners at double figure odds. A number of selections will take on & beat short priced favourites - in exactly the manner Mat has predicted! Coupling this with such a high strike rate means excellent profitability & consistency. The customer service is second to none. Detailed commentary around selections and a full summary of the days runners / results is provided. From these you can learn a lot about racing & investing. And it all instills a great deal of confidence in the selection model Mat has developed. Mat always replies promptly to any thoughts or questions. I have more belief in the Speed Stars service than any other tipping service I have tried. Given the fantastic results, the surprising aspect is it is the easiest service to use that you can find. No additional skills or time is required to obtain the advertised results. Just remember to tune in & cheer home another great priced winner! Neil B

Speed Stars is nice and simple to follow yet clearly alot of reseach and work goes into the selections. Having a short summary about each horse is a big positive as well as the review email that gets sent out the next day. The selections clearly aren't forced which is also a big tick and doing BOB on the day of the races it's easy to get a good price for the selections. Also very rarely do the selections run poorly, you're almost always a live chance during the race. I also like whilst there is always going to be losing days, they are few and far between, and when they occur minimal damage is done to the bank with staking and selections provided. I have been able to achieve profits in the first 2 months of following this service that have taken others I've followed years to achieve, which is amazing! The pre and post race comments provided are informative and concise. Following this service is smart investing. Darcy G

I would highly recommend the Speed Stars service. I hold myself and others to high performance levels as I have solely lived off the Punt for the last 10 years. Doing the form is a fine art and one that Mat has clearly mastered. Outstanding profits have been added to my monthly ledger because of Speed Stars. I love the simplicity of his bet and forget set of tips. Speed Stars lead the way in this regard and overall in profitability. Michael W

Couldn’t be happier with the service, especially with what is offered elsewhere, it truly is the complete package. Outstanding results and profit that are effortlessly achievable as per the official results. No missing out on prices. Simply done with bookie’s offering BOB, it is as easy as bet and forget. Comprehensive analysis and correspondence on selections pre and post race via the weekly wrap. This provides complete accountability and transparency with results, you don’t just hear from Mat during a winning run, losses are also examined and explained. The customer service is top notch, Mat and the Winning Edge Team are always approachable and prompt in response and their integrity is without question. MS


Year Cumulative P/L Profit Units Cumulative Units Invested POT % ROI % Profit ($100 Units)
Overall 11.4 458.0 2.5 % 11.4 % $1,135