Highly profitable Greyhound Tips that have produced over $120,000 profit in 4 years, at an incredible 13% POT & 1200% ROI.

Very selective, high strike rate service with an average of 20-25 high confidence bets per month. Most betting is done from Wednesday to Saturday.

You'll be advised what time the bets will be sent each afternoon, making this a simple bet & forget service - simply back the dog advised at the best fixed price you can obtain when the e-mail is sent.


2016: 298.7 units PROFIT (15.6% POT)

2017: 192.9 units PROFIT (9.1% POT)

2018: 258.1 units PROFIT (17.5% POT)

2019: 172.6 units PROFIT (12.1% POT)

2020: 181.9 units PROFIT (14.4% POT)

Testimonials - Greyhound Genius

An outstanding service. It is simply the most consistent and comparatively profitable service I've ever subscribed to (and I have been a member of quite a few over time). Due diligence paid off when I looked closely at the results of the service since its inception, and decided to join. Now around 5 months into my subscription and the incredible strike rate, consistency and profit that I'd seen in the results has continued, and my bank has more than doubled over this period. While the attributes above make for an incredible service, I also find the race comments very informative, and having limited prior knowledge of greyhound racing I'm also learning a thing or two - which makes watching these races more enjoyable also. If I could join only one service it would simply have to be Greyhound Genius. S.H.

I've been a Greyhound Guru subscriber for 12 months now, and out of the 20 odd services I've tried or followed over the years, it's been by far the most profitable. I've made over $12,000 following the bets and the strike rate that the Guru hits at and the market plunges he sets off are incredible. Andrew

Is a fantastic consistent and transparent service. I have made over $10,000 after the subscription fees by just gradually upping my unit size. Get plenty of notice about bets and almost always manage to get better odds than recorded in official results. Would recommend to anyone with patience to trust long term success. Jason R

Great service with limited bets and great results, Races usually pan out the way they are described in the selection notes, The pro that makes these selections has a magnificent understand of the game. Andy D

I have had Greyhound Genius for over 2 years now which has generated over $10,000 of profits from just $50 units. This is the most reliable service I have ever been a part of. Tom V

It was a bit of a leap of faith for me to join the Greyhound Genius service given the price point and the size of my stakes but I am so glad to have gotten on board. Using only $40 units (which I have since increased) I have won close to $5,000 in under 4 months. Thanks again and long may we play. John P 

I love this service. I signed up for Greyhound Genius 3 months ago and the profits have consistently rolled in since then. I have brought in over 200 units of profit in those three months. Just amazing. Get on people. M.Booth

I had followed the Greyhound Genius results over the past couple years but being mainly a horse punter had never decided to give it a try. But after seeing the consistent results published I decided they were too good not to sign up for. I have been a member for the past few months and I am loving the service. You are advised in advance for when the tips will be sent out. Easy to follow and it is so enjoyable to back selections with confidence knowing the genius has selected them. This is the most profitable service over such a long period I have ever seen. Truly fantastic! Thank you. And I even love watching the dogs go round. They bounce with joy at the end of the races while I am bouncing counting my winnings. AN

Fair Odds Recording Methodology - Greyhound Genius

Odds are recorded simply at the prevailing fixed price at Sportsbet when the tip is sent.

With over 20+ Corporate Bookies available, better prices are usually achievable when the tip is sent.


This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships

We’re so confident in this package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.



Year Cumulative P/L Profit Units Cumulative Units Invested POT % ROI % Profit ($100 Units)
Overall 1,215.7 9,864.5 12.3 % 1,215.7 % $121,574