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I've been a member of Dean's Tips for just over 4 years now, and I'm confident Dean is quite simply the best horse racing analyst in Australia.Dean's Tips is the perfect balance of the right selections, staking, and advice - a complete package that should suit any style of punter. The results can clearly be seen by anyone, but in my experience not only can I attest they are accurate, but also well achievable. The service is constantly evolving - a result of the effort and dedication put into it by Dean, which pushes it further and adapts it to the ever changing landscape of the market every year. This is the biggest value I find in being a member - Dean puts in as much work into searching for improvement in the service as a whole, as he does the selections each race day. Also, who doesn't like a big win on a huge race day? Dean's Tips has a large focus on Metro racing, making the bigger race days not only very profitable, but a lot of fun. The structure of the service also gives way to even bigger opportunities through exotics such as Quaddies and Trifectas with the large value that is often found in selections. For me, it's a perfectly balanced service, and (having been a member of many other tips services) if I had to choose only one this would be it. SH

Dean is an expert. It’s not just a tipping service, he uses his domain expertise to find value investments and wagers accordingly. Concise, well timed updates and good insight into staking and pricing to take. Realistic service and quality reporting of results. Been a member for 6 months. Best service I’ve used and have used a lot! DS

Dean's incredible efforts in delivery consistently winning tips is highly appreciated. The ability to consistently win while recording at the starting price is some of the best tipping I've ever seen. #VeryHappyMember. Nick W 

Dean provides the best tipping service I have ever seen. Have been a member for the past 9 months. In that time Dean has delivered a constant stream of big priced winners and regular profits. I have made a profit of around $14,000 from Dean's service and it has paid for our family holiday with airfare booked for next February. I am a true fan ! Damien S

I've been a member for just 5 months and the increase to my bank is unbelievable. So far with my winnings I've just been increasing my betting unit size to further increase profits. Highly recommended. Lee C

I only joined Dean’s two services this year – but so far, it has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve already doubled my betting bank and am extremely happy with how it is all going. I sincerely appreciate the time, effort and everything Dean puts into the services; the fair odds recording methodology, the staking plan, the constant updates, interaction, etc. Just incredible. Dean, you are truly an astute tipster with an incredible ability to derive value from the bookies and I can’t thank you enough. Myself & the missus are looking forward to our long overdue overseas holiday next month, and we both appreciate you paying for the entire trip! Keep it up Dean. It honestly still feels too good to be true... however, somehow it is! Special mention to the team on twitter for the great & transparent updates and the member success manager who has answered countless questions and is happy to give me a call to discuss anything. Thanks Winning Edge!! – RJ

I was using a number of tipping services but now exclusively use Dean’s Tips and Trial Spy. The staking plan is structured to limit large downturns but still delivers great returns. Measurement of returns is the fairest and most transparent of the tipping services with which I am familiar David E

Writing this I’m conflicted, from a selfish POV why would I share the benefits? But here I go. I always presumed tipping services were scams. If they knew so much why would the sell the tips for such a reasonable price? But if you listen to the podcast interviews, follow the guys on Twitter, email them, I think you’ll be able to get comfortable. Check the results. I can confirm they are real. Then last thing you’ll say is yeah but I bet you can’t achieve the prices but they are achievable and a large number of tips are BOB anyway. So there you go, real tips from a real pro that are profitable and achievable. B.T 

I have tried various tipsters, but Dean's Tips stands out as the best. No huff and puff. No exaggerated odds. No false promises. Dean has an uncanny knack of finding winners at good prices. I could not recommend more highly. John S

Fair Odds Recording Methodology - Dean's Tips

Uses a fair, consistent, transparent, easily achievable and member voted odds recording methodology

  • Each tip advises whether to bet at fixed odds or either at BOB or Betfair SP
  • Most bets are recorded simply and fairly at BOB (Best Tote or Official Top Fluc) or Betfair SP (less commission) as advised
  • Futures bets, and a small number of selected bets are at 100% fixed; recorded at the 3rd best fixed price stated as advised


This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships

We’re so confident in this package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.



Year Cumulative P/L Profit Units Cumulative Units Invested POT % ROI % Profit ($100 Units)
Overall 534.3 11,276.3 4.7 % 534.3 % $53,427

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