The Bonus Bet Bank Builder is a betting tips service that takes advantage of bookmaker bonus bet promotions to make exceptionally consistent and large profits. Since launch in November 2015, the Bonus Bet Bank Builder service has made $150,000 profit; profitable in 65 out of 69 months.

Members receive an update each Friday night at 5 pm with an Excel file (the ‘Record’) that contains the weekend’s bets.

You will also receive occasional midweek updates with bets for big events such the start of the AFL/NRL seasons, Super Bowl, State of Origin, Melbourne Cup Day, etc, where there are profitable opportunities to take advantage.

The Friday update also contains a writeup on the weekend ahead, advice on any new promotions or bookies to join, and any developments from the previous week.

Weekend tips on local racing and Australian/overseas sport. 65% of profits come from racing, and 35% from sports (mainly AFL, NRL and Soccer).

Simple, easy-to-follow service.

The number 1 question we get from potential members is asking whether it is worth subscribing to the service if they are heavily banned/restricted from most bookies

If you are unsure, please send us an e-mail via Contact Us explaining the state you live in and the bookies you have access to, and we can get Rod the analyst to provide you with a personalised explanation of exactly how much profit you would have made this year.

As an example, one member who was banned/restricted from every bookie except Pointsbet, Boombet & Unibet recently was advised that he still would have made $6,276 profit on those 3 accounts this year (we don't play Palmerbet at the moment), so $784.50 profit per month. Subscription costs $197 per month (discounts on quarterly, annual), so that covers them easily.

Another very happy Member advised us that despite being completed banned/restricted with 8 bookies, including 3 big ones Sportsbet, Ladbrokes & Pointsbet, he still made $1,700 profit in his first 2 weeks, a likely $3,400+ return per month, which is a fantastic return on the $197 per month subscription cost for a heavily restricted member.

Add to that a few other factors (extra weekend and midweek bets not on the official record, deposit bonuses, better bonus bet return rate than the record (we record 60% which easy to beat), extra bookies not on the record where profit can be made, and Rod's advice, e.g. Member's Guide, and updates), and you are likely to make great profits with the service regardless of how many restricted/banned accounts you have.

Testimonials - Bonus Bet Bank Builder

"I am promo banned by 8 different accounts, including the 2 of the big ones. I'm now close to 8k up in 2 months since August 13. I didn't even imagine that after being promo banned from so many bookies! It showed me I can be very profitable even with so many banned accounts which was a pleasant surprise. I found the service easy to use, and loved the format of the excel document. Very easy for me to filter the bookies I don’t have. Big thanks for your service! just want to say thanks for your product. AB

“This is the first subscription I have paid for and it hasn't missed a beat. I selected it based on its strong historical performance and it has been profitable from week one with minimal down weeks. Rod has been great at providing insights into the bets and answering any questions. I highly recommend.” Darcy W

“I'm a new subscriber, and firstly may I congratulate you on this system! I love the consistency you've had long term AND the minimal account drawdown - I'm a trader not a gambler so both those things appeal to me. Well done!” Brad A

“May I thank you for providing such a great service! Started with you in October and am over $7000 up including subscriptions. Fantastic!” Marc L

“Well done Rod & team for the absolutely best service EVER!!!! Rod, you have taught me a lot about value in betting, thank you so much for your wonderful service. Tried many and varied wannabes out there but no doubt you win by a country mile mate.” Geoff P

“I have been a member for a couple of months now and I really enjoy the spread of bets and the diversity it provides. In addition, my account balances always look healthy.” Peter W

Fair Odds Recording Methodology - Bonus Bet Bank Builder

Uses a fair, consistent, transparent, easily achievable and member voted odds recording methodology

  • Sports prices are recorded at the time the bets are sent.
  • Racing prices are recorded at the SP on the bookie where the bet is placed.


This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships

We’re so confident in this package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.


Year Cumulative P/L Profit Units Cumulative Units Invested POT % ROI % Profit ($100 Units)
Overall 1,702.4 11,197.9 15.2 % 1,702.4 % $170,243