Last season we did not offer an AFL service, as we had not identified an analyst or group we considered worthy of consideration for our valued members.

However during the 2020 season we were asked to review a number of potential analysts, models and services in preparation for 2021.

One stood out from the crowd, and this was a set of free AFL tips offered on a website which receives on average 40,000 page views a month.

These free tips were also e-mailed weekly to a database of many thousands of punters, and we tracked these selections throughout the 2020 season.

Recorded simply at the prevailing Sportsbet price, the service produced a 56% win strike rate, at an average win price of $2.48, which led to a 41% POT outcome, and a $2,632 profit for the season.

The results sheet for the 2020 season has been uploaded to the website so that you can review and analyse the types and volume of bets to expect with this service

If you would like to learn more about the duo behind our new AFL Tips service, you can read our Q&A with them below:


At Winning Edge Investments, you’ll receive expert AFL (Australian Football League) tips, including game date, advised bets and strategies as well as a staking plan, for all betting games.



What is your background?

We are a team of two.  Both of us grew up in Melbourne and have followed the AFL closely all of our lives. We combine for over 20 years of experience betting on AFL football, as well as invaluable experience on the other side of the fence working for a leading corporate bookmaker.

Last year starting from Round 6 we provided our selections on a free tips website that receives over 40,000 page views a month and they sent the tips to a newsletter database with thousands of subscribers. These tips delivered a 26.3u PROFIT, achieving a 41% POT with 24 winners from 43 bets (56% strike rate).

What methodologies do you use to produce your selections? What factors do you take into account? Where do you find the biggest edges?

The work we do is a combination of data driven and subjective analysis approaches, which come from years of experience successfully betting on AFL football. 

Will there be a set release time/date for AFL tips each week, or tips sent when the opportunities present themselves?

No set times.  Head to head and line markets typically go up on a Monday so if there are opportunities we identify at that time we will advise these to members.  Otherwise we wait for teams to be released on a Thursday night.  All of the weekend's bets will be sent out prior to Friday 5pm.

What will be the main bet types? Where do you find your biggest edges.

Typically we will focus in on head to head and line markets.  Multis will also be a regular feature in our staking plan. These were used to great effect last year.  

Will you send Futures bets?

Futures bets will certainly be considered and last year we did have some success with these. Last season we advised Richmond to win the Premiership a number of weeks out, & Brisbane to finish in the top 4. 

How many bets per week? How many units do you expect to turnover each week?

There are 9 games of footy each week, so fromour perspective it’s all about picking the eyes out of the markets and identifying where the value lies.  Some weeks there might be only 1 or 2 bets, others there might be 5 or 6. But we will only advise bets when we identify a clear edge on the market.

Should I bet straight away when bets are released, or wait until close to game start?

We advise taking the price when the selections are sent. Our aim is to identify value in the current markets, and hence with a +EV we expect to beat the closing line to achieve this.

What information do you provide with each bet?

The selection, the advised stake in units, the available odds, and an explanation of why we believe it is a great bet.  

Fair Odds Recording Methodology - AFL Tips

The Fair Odds Recording Methodology for all bets sent will be based on the 2nd best price of Australian Bookies only, excluding all Overseas bookmakers and Betfair, so there should be no problem getting bets on for punters of all bet sizes, and results will be very easily achievable.



This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Yearly memberships.

We’re so confident in this package (backed by our expert AFL tips and strategy solutions) that if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.

If you’re after the best expert AFL betting advice and tips, Winning Edge Investments has you sorted.


Year Cumulative P/L Profit Units Cumulative Units Invested POT % ROI % Profit ($100 Units)
Overall -3.8 170.6 -2.2 % -3.8 % ($382)