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How To Effectively Manage Your Betting Banks Following Multiple Services


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Firstly, we must define what the purpose of following multiple betting services is. When it comes to investing by betting on racing or sports, 4 key reasons for following multiple services are as follows:

  1. More profit (increased turnover)
  2. Diversification (reducing risk)
  3. Liquidity limitations (cannot get set for unlimited amounts at acceptable odds)
  4. Protecting bookie accounts (spreading focus of bets on a wide variety of markets so accounts are not shut down)

The key topic to discuss is regarding diversification, but firstly we will briefly discuss the other three points:

More profit (increased turnover)

This speaks for itself. More betting services means more turnover, which ultimately means more profit.

Liquidity limitations (cannot get set for unlimited amounts at acceptable odds)

With most betting services there is a natural limit to how much you have on their selections.

  • Firstly, limits are driven by the fact many bookies will only bet you for a certain amount before the odds are reduced, and taking lower prices impacts your POT%.
  • Secondly, some limits are due simply to the fact that one may only be comfortable betting a certain amount before the bet sizes get too large for their comfort zone.

Protecting bookie accounts (spreading focus of bets on a wide variety of markets so accounts are not shut down or restricted)

This one is absolutely critical, and in fact in this modern age probably deserves to be number 1. The reality is those who 'specialise' are the first to get restricted or banned by the greedy corporates. The key is to have the bookies and their bots/traders believe you're just another Joe Bloggs getting lucky on the punt.

The best way to do this is have a dabble on a bit of everything. We've been advising members for years to place bets across a wide variety of racing and sports options, so you aren't flagged as someone who is betting successfully specialising on a certain niche.

Many smart professionals and punters are happy even just to 'break even' betting on a variety of racing and sports outside their key specialty, in order to keep the bookies off guard.

However, the key topic to discuss is DIVERSIFICATION

Diversification is a key element of successful investing, and is defined as the process of allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular asset or risk. A common path towards diversification is to reduce risk or volatility by investing in a variety of assets.

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Weekly Highlights

17-23 May


International Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +75.8 units profit (23% POT)

Overall: +1988.5 units profit (20% POT)

Yet another massive week! Highlights included Pablo Casals $105.47, Ping Hai Galaxy $42.35, Strong N Smart $29.76, Champagne Princess $26.21, Lady Of Lutetia $16.02 & Flashy Kaitrina $15.86.

South Africa: +39.2u @ 23% POT

New Zealand: +28.1u @ 40% POT

Hong Kong: +11.5u @ 21% POT

Singapore: -3.1u @ -9% LOT

+525u PROFIT in 2021 !!!

Last 7 weeks:

+58.9 units PROFIT at 25.6% POT

-1.4 units PROFIT at 0.6% LOT

+123.0 units PROFIT at 56.3% POT

+39.6 units PROFIT at 14.7% POT

+75.0 units PROFIT at 30.8% POT

+76.4 units PROFIT at 20.2% POT

+75.8 units PROFIT at 23% POT


South Africa Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +39.2 units profit (23% POT)

Overall: +1013.6 units profit (24% POT)

Highlights across a great week included Lady Of Lutetia $16.02, Flashy Kaitrina $15.86, Irish Wonder Girl $14.67, Kildonan Bay $13.73, Assertive Power $13.44, Chevron $11.93, May Queen $11.69, Go Man Go $11.17 & Aisling $10.96.

30 winners from 54 betting races.


New Zealand Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +28.1 units profit (40% POT)

Overall: +537.2 units profit (16% POT)

Best winners across the week were Pablo Casals $105.47, Champagne Princess $26.21, Ottavio $12.70 & So Natural $11.93.

10 winners from 23 betting races.


VIC Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +14.8 units profit (10% POT)

Overall: +800.1 units profit (20% POT)

Some of our best results this week across Victoria included Art Academy $36.04, Ocean Heart $28.81, Out And Dreaming $20.20, Fantome Lady $19.97, Gingerson $13.09, Chuck A Luck $12.89, Redsnap $12.01 & Just Abbey $10.28.

17 winners from 46 betting races.


NRL Tips

Week: +12.2 units profit (90% POT)

Overall: +283.9 units profit (14% POT)

4 bets for 4 winners in a perfect weekend! They were Cowboys -4.5, Wests Tigers +5.5, Penrith -8.5 & Manly +7.5.


Hong Kong Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +11.5 units profit (21% POT)

Overall: +206.8 units profit (12% POT)

A winning week in Hong Kong driven by Ping Hai Galaxy $42.35, Gracylove $5.30, The Hulk $5.15 & Oversubscribed $5.05.

7 winners from 18 betting races this week.


Greyhound Genius

Week: +6.0 units profit (46% POT)

Overall: +1199.5 units profit (13% POT)

A great result Saturday night betting into one race at Wentworth Park & Lollipop Liz landing the cash at $3.80!

1 winner from 2 betting races.


WA Tips & Ratings – Cameron O’Brien

Week: +4.1 units profit (43% POT)

Overall: +126.4 units profit (8% POT)

A winning day to kick off the week on Wednesday driven by Wiener Waltz at $2.75. No joy on Saturday in the return to racing at Belmont followed by a big result at Kalgoorlie on Sunday with our one bet Magic Of Zeus saluting at $10!

2 winners from 10 betting races.


Trial Spy – Dean Evans

Week: +3.0 units profit (46% POT)

Overall: +686.9 units profit (8% POT)

It was the perfect start to the week on Wednesday with our one bet In The Congo leading throughout at $3.10! A win on Saturday driven by Bitcoin Baby who won narrowly at Newcastle paying $3.30.

3 winners from 5 betting races.




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