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Week In Review Highlights

16-22 August




International Tips & Ratings – The Syndicate

Week: +22.0 units profit (9% POT)

Overall: +1726.7 units profit (13% POT)

Best results across the week included Kitten’s Adventure $26.67, Diamond Mine $25.70, La Duchesse $21.62, Gimcheon Yeongung $21, Magic Record $20.20 & Foreign Field $14.78.

Korea: +28.1u @ 33% POT

Singapore: -2.7u @ 10% LOT

South Africa: -3.4u @ 3% LOT

270u PROFIT in 2021!!


Greyhound Genius

Week: +10.0 units profit (56% POT)

Overall: +1161.5 units profit (12% POT)

We kicked off the week on Thursday with a win thanks to Angel Glow who bolted in at $2.40. Our other bet Higher Purpose was going to win comfortably before unfortunately suffering an injury just before the winning post & having to settle for 2nd (7.2u worth). One betting race at Dapto on Saturday night which resulted in a nice result with Velocity Tamkia leading throughout. Should have had 3 from 3 for the week.

2 winners from 3 betting races.


Trial Spy – Dean Evans

Week: +8.5 units profit (44% POT)

Overall: +684.8 units profit (8% POT)

A big day on Saturday with wins to Macedon Flyer $11.80 & Swift Witness the highlights. Salute To The Sun also won from the back at $4.20 on Sunday.

4 winners from 15 betting races.


Syndicate Sizzlers – The Syndicate

Week: +5.7 units profit (50% POT)

Overall: +14.1 units profit (6% POT)

It was the perfect start to the week on Wednesday with our one bet Montez saluting at Doomben paying $4.90. Also a strong day on Saturday with Fituese $12, Belsielle $7.50 & Pancho $5 the winning highlights!

5 winners from 16 betting races.


NRL Tips

Week: +4.6 units profit (105% POT)

Overall: +278.0 units profit (13% POT)

One bet this week & it was a good result on Sunday with the Broncos holding on against the Warriors in a wild game at Suncorp.


Bonus Bet Bank Builder

Week: +4.0 units profit (10% POT)

Overall: +1587.0 units profit (15% POT)

Highlights across a solid winning week were Corner Pocket scoring at Moonee Valley on Saturday at $3, Pancho winning the Ranvet Handicap & a three leg multi we had in the Manchester United vs Southampton match.






20 Tips To Get The Best Possible Odds


What does odds mean in horse race betting?

Placing it in the most basic of terms, odds in horse race betting are the numerical portrayal of how likely each horse is to win in a particular race. It’s one way of giving punters an idea of the probability of a horse in winning and the amount they can earn back if they choose the right horse.

How do you get the best possible odds in horse racing?

To get the best possible horse racing odds, it’s not just important to understand odds but also the current betting landscape.

  • Early market fixed prices, even at 9am, usually open between 125% to 135%
  • Closing fixed prices usually finish up between 110% to 120%
  • TAB Tote win pools are usually around 118%
  • The Betfair market usually closes at 102%

As you can see, betting late gives you the advantage of obtaining market percentages far more in your favour than betting early. Truth be told we still find a lot of members of horse racing tipping services suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and have a tendency to back horses predominantly at fixed odds rather than alternative methods.

People seem to get ‘frustrated’ if they ‘miss a price’ when a winner firms, yet don’t seem to have the same ‘frustration’ when a horse they back at a fixed price drifts to a big price and win. Of course successful horse racing analysts will have many winners that firm rather than drift, but that doesn’t mean that all bets should be blindly placed at fixed prices at all times.

All the professional experts providing tips through Winning Edge Investments provide information on whether to back a horse at fixed odds, or to bet late, or a combination/blend of the two. Officially we record drifters using methods such as Betfair SP or BOB. You will match/equal officially recorded odds by using these methodologies, but we urge members to aim to exceed official odds by following the tried and tested recommendations below.

The 20 tips can be read by clicking on the full article button below, covering topics such as using odds comparison websites, having many bookmaker accounts, utilising Betfair and many more!






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Hosted by Brad Thompson, guests have included leading horse racing trainers, jockeys, owners, media presenters, professional punters, bookmakers, participants and other colourful racing identities including Nash Rawiller, Blake Shinn, Tony Mcevoy, Tommy Berry, Andrew Forsman, Jeff Lloyd, Lindsey Smith, David Vandyke, Kris Lees. John Sargent, Scott Brunton, Richard Litt, Ryan Maloney, Ryan Wiggins, Dan Bowman, Toby Edmonds, Michael Cahill, Chad Schofield, Dale Smith, Andrew Hawkins, Tristan Merlehan, Larry Cassidy, Dan Kelly, Jim Conway, Will Hulbert, Jordan Frazer, Tony Gollan, Sam Phillips, Paul Daily, Jason Kerr, Nick Heathcote, Richard Irvine, Tim Clark, Allan Endresz, David Dwyer, Grant Lynch, Bruce Slade, Sam Tankard, Nevesh Ramdhani, Jason Maskiell, Robbie Dolan, Dean Evans, Cameron O'Brien, Mat Smith, King Abraham, David Barrett, Lachlan Mosley, John Lawson, Luke Murrell, Mark Rhoden, John Evans and Peter Lawrence.











Race Previews Race Reviews, Webinars and Feature Presentations from Professional Punters and Expert Analysts including Dean Evans (Trial Spy & Dean's Tips), King Abraham (The Syndicate), Cameron O'Brien (WA Tips & Ratings), Mat Smith (Speed Stars) and Lachlan Mosley (Blackbook Bets).







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