The Best Horse Racing Tips and Tipsters in Australia


Do you want to know the best horse racing tips and tipsters in Australia? It's important to find the best tips so that you don't lose. Here are some good places to start looking for betting advice:

There is plenty of action in the horse racing realm. Events and meetings are happening in many places often only minutes apart. If you’ve been punting for some time now with stable winnings, we’re sure that you’ve considered to get some horse racing tips to help make your day even sweeter when you go home with a fuller wallet!

So where do you find the most profitable horse racing tips?

The best place is the many online punting sites that offer horse racing tips and advice. These websites take many forms - from free sites to paid subscription sites, from lock in contracts to opt out at any time.

For providing the most profitable racing tips some sites will take a commission on your winnings, but not charge you if you lose. It’s up to you to decide the most appropriate way for you to access the most profitable horse racing tips. There will certainly be a way to suit your personality style, risk profile and bankroll.

In horse racing there are always losses and in order to succeed long term, you must know how to pace yourself and your bankroll so you don’t lose your starting capital. Reputable websites that provide horse racing tips will provide you a way to organise your finances and manage them for optimal financial gain. Once the bankroll is gone, you’re out of the game, or you’re starting all over again. The most profitable horse racing tips remain profitable because you know how to manage your money positively to still be in the game when the next most profitable horse racing tips become available to you.

In order for horse racing tips to be most profitable, tipsters need to consider their job to be one that looks hard and deep into each race to assess the odds against every variable on that race day. Providing the most profitable horse racing tips and encouraging members to take this advice should be a job they take very seriously. They should be looking to find when the bookmakers and price assessors get the odds wrong - as they do quite often - and then to communicate that information to their members and followers so they are providing the most profitable horse racing tips possible.

responsible and reputable tipster website will also tell you when to ignore their racing tips. For example, not bet on the tips previously advised if the track condition changes by 2 or more grades from the release of those tips. They should look at changing track and weather conditions. Occasionally the weather can be unpredictable. High winds and notable rainfall strongly affect the outcomes of races. Those tips that were meant to be the most profitable horse racing tips won’t be if conditions change unexpectedly!

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Even the best information given with the intention of being the most profitable horse racing tips will be worthless if the actual betting medium is not healthy. It is just as important who you place your wager with as it is which horse you are picking. Sounds obvious right? If you haven’t heard of them before and it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

While every punter is different and will approach things in their own way, you can optimise your betting profile by taking advantage of those professionals who spend their days doing the analysis so you don’t have to. They are the ones who’ll provide you with the most profitable horse racing tips!

Free Horse Racing Tips:

Perhaps you’re just starting out and aren’t sure whether a subscription service is the right way for you to obtain horse racing tips. Your internet search will generate many horse racing results of businesses and horse racing tipping sites available to you where it is not necessary to buy horse racing tips. They offer free horse racing tips. Often these horse tipping sites will specialise in a particular geographical location and hone their racing tips accordingly. If you are in Australia you’ll pay special attention to those horse race tipping services that cover various local racing meets with their Australian horse racing tips. If you’re not looking to place wagers on international racing events this specialisation and targeted focus will produce the best horse racing tips for Australia. However note that sites that give out free horse racing tips make money from bookmakers based on your losses, so be careful!

Horse Race Tipping Subscription Services:

If you’re planning to step up your betting game, there are subscription services available that specialise in providing professional horse racing tips Australia for their members.

There are few things you should look for before signing up a membership with a horse racing betting service:

Offers transparency of results recording

An excellent tipping organisation proudly and transparently states its results in real time every single day on its website and via social media for each service, regardless of whether it wins or loses, to ensure members can review and confirm that every bet has been recorded accurately and fairly.

Has a clear odds recording policy

Look for a tipping service that discloses and clearly explains their odds recording policies. This gives members the opportunity to take much better prices and ensures clarity for members and non-members alike, allowing you to critically assess and compare each service’s performance.

Avoid services who simply record the best price achievable in the market (whether it’s a firmer or a drifter), as this is entirely unrealistic and unattainable for any punter; making the results unreliable and baseless.

Consists of Real Expert Analysts with Proven Track Records

A tipping service cannot guarantee your ROI if the results are not backed by experts. Always check the results of an organisation’s analysts and make sure that they’ve demonstrated excellent long term results for their members, not just promises of winning.

Never go for “experts” that hides behind computer programs. Quick tip: Look for testimonials from members that talk about the profits generated over a long term period and the betting education that was shared with them. This demonstrates how profitable and professional their services are.

Offers profit guarantee refunds

The best tipping services ensure they have a top-quality profit guarantee refund policy to protect all members. You would expect, given that you are buying horse racing tips, that these racing tips are produced by professional horse racing tipsters who guarantee the profitability of their services.

Educates their members for long-term profit

An ideal tipping organisation provides very clear betting information, staking strategies and the value of the betting bank the units are based upon, plus other betting educational information on how to bet successfully, professionally and profitably.

Focuses on their members, not their business gains

Unfortunately, any websites that advertise corporate bookmakers are incentivised for you to lose. Think about how free tips websites operate. Of course, they’re not doing it for free. What actually happens is the websites are paid lifetime commissions of anywhere between 20-40% on the LOSSES incurred by punters who signs up through their link. It’s called an affiliate agreement.

Websites of any decent quality are very costly to build and maintain and in order and any website advertising corporate bookmakers is therefore incentivised for you to lose.

To determine which way you’ll go - professional horse racing tipsters or free horse racing tips - think about what you want to get from your racing tips and your racing income. Deciding the level of money you wish to invest and how much time you have to devote to pursuing this income will help you to choose a professional racing tips service that requires the additional investment of monthly capital or whether you are content to acquire your horse racing tips from free horse tipping sites.

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