The benefits of multiple betting services

A little while back when we surveyed our members' betting habits, we asked "How many racing or sports services are you a member of?"

Interestingly, the most common answer was "More than 5".

To some, that may come as a surprise, but the reality is the shrewder members know that the more you can turnover profitably, the more profit you make at the end of the year.

You should think of your betting activities in the same way as successful business chains such as McDonalds or Subway franchise and grow to other stores. Ultimately there's only so much profit you can make with one store (service), so it makes sense to expand your reach over multiple stores (services).

That is why we offer a range of horse racing & sports betting services. We provide our members with alternatives that benefit them, by offering only the most highly respected and qualified horse racing & sports handicappers guaranteed to generate exceptional profits in their given specialties.

There are 3 key reasons you should consider adding multiple services to your portfolio:

1) Additional Profits - As mentioned above, this is the obvious one. First you need to assess and identify profitable services with which you can bet with confidence, knowing that there is a significant demonstrated edge. However, with most services there is a natural limit to how much you have on their selections. Firstly, limits are driven by the fact many bookies will only bet you for a certain amount before the odds are reduced, and taking lower prices impacts your POT%. Secondly, some limits are due simply to the fact that one may only be comfortable betting a certain amount before the bet sizes get too large for their comfort zone. In both cases, these natural limits can be offset with multiple services.

2) Spreading the variance - All services go through peaks and troughs. If these frustrate you, multiple services give you the opportunity to smooth the variance somewhat, and if they are all proven to be profitable long term, then your profit graphs should show a smoother upward trend than they would only following 1 service. This is important from a mindset and bank protection perspective. Diversification is highly regarded in the stock-investing world, and treating your betting as an investment is no different.

3) Not losing accounts - This one is absolutely critical, and in fact in this modern age probably deserves to be number 1. The reality is those who 'specialise' are the first to get restricted or banned by the greedy corporates. The key is to have the bookies and their bots/traders believe you're just another Joe Bloggs getting lucky on the punt. The best way to do this is have a dabble on a bit of everything. We have been advising members for years via e-mail and in the members resources to place bets across a wide variety of racing and sports options, so you aren't flagged as someone who is betting successfully specialising on a certain niche.

Most members of our services lose accounts given our success, and whether or not you know it, your accounts could currently be on watch. But by utilising services across horse racing, the footy codes, cricket, golf and other sporting action, it is a great opportunity to spread your betting activities around, and lull the bookies into a false sense of security by having them believe you're about to give back your racing winnings with some bets on sports this year.

Most smart professionals and punters are happy to 'break even' betting on a variety of racing and sports outside their key specialty, in order to keep the bookies off guard. With our services, you have the opportunity to not only protect your bookie accounts for longer, which in itself could be worth tens of thousands, but to do so very profitably. Win win.