Profit Guarantee Refund Explained

Profit Guarantee Refund Explained

The purpose of our Profit Guarantee is to prove that we absolutely have ‘skin in the game’ with you. The vast majority of tips and/or ratings services do not offer any sort of compensation if you lose following their selections. We offer one so that during a period of variance, you can continue receiving the service without the cost of a membership payment.

All Winning Edge Investments services come with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships. We’re so confident in each package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full! Simply send us an e-mail after your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.

Note this profit guarantee is very generous. If a service makes a 100-unit profit in the first quarter, and then makes a 1-unit loss in the next quarter, you still get your next quarter for free! Our Profit Guarantee applies to all Quarterly or Annual memberships.

If the service does not show a profit based on our official results during the period of your subscription, then we will refund the payment you make for your next period's subscription. It is not a refund of that current period's subscription. If you cancel or do not make your recurring payment on or before your subscription recurring date, you are not entitled to the Profit Guarantee Refund.

The Profit Guarantee Refund is for genuine, bona fide ongoing members only. Hence we cannot advise of Profit Guarantee eligibility ahead of the next membership payment, but you can easily check this yourself using the results spreadsheets. Profit Guarantee Refund requests must come after the recurring payment has been made (not before). If the request comes longer than 72 hours after being billed, the refund will be provided as a credit instead. If the request comes before the payment has been made, it will be ignored.

If a service changes substantially from one period to the next, or the analyst changes for the same type of service, then the profit guarantee does not automatically apply. However we will assess on a case by case basis and may offer service credits.

If a service is completely cancelled by you or us, and you are transferred to a new service of your choice, the previous profit guarantee no longer applies.

If you extend your service period through the use of loyalty bonus credits, the profit guarantee applies only to the original period of the subscription. As the membership period provided through loyalty bonus credits is delivered at no cost, it stands to reason that the profit guarantee does not apply for this period. This is also to avoid people 'gaming' the system by increasing their expiry date through the use of loyalty credits in order to attempt to gain an additional profit guarantee period.

Profit Guarantees do not apply to free trial periods.

Our decision in relation to the profit guarantee refund is final and no correspondence will be entered into.