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$9,900 profit over last 3 Saturdays

Massive 45% POT last three weeks


Bet alongside a genuine full time, professional horse racing betting syndicate.

The Syndicate's 'Saturday Only' service has been delivering truly remarkable results since inception - and it's continued in 2021, again ramping up in recent weeks.

Over the past 3 Saturdays, the service has backed a string of long-priced winners as it reeled in 99 units (or $9,900 profit for a $100 unit member) at an absolutely astounding 45% Profit On Turnover (POT).

Last 3 Saturdays: +99 units PROFIT at 45% POT

3 July +49.0u profit (20 winners)

  • Mongolian Marshall (Flemington) $64.98
  • She's Crowned (Toowoomba) $29.34
  • Storm Commander (Belmont) $7.20
  • Hip Wiggle (Belmont) $8.91

26 June +10.7u profit (8 winners)

  • Lotion (Darwin) $33.90
  • Strawberry Topping (Echuca) $29.87
  • Zoo Station (Rosehill) $10.45
  • Exact Replica (Darwin) $6.26

19 June +39.3u profit (12 winners)

  • Exalted Fire (Murray Bridge) $27.90
  • Dobroyde (Narrandera) $16.75
  • Don'ttelltheboss (Flemington) $11.80
  • Niewand (Darwin) $9.21

Overall results

  • +508.8u profit ($50,880 PROFIT for a $100 unit member)
  • 13.2% POT

2021 results

  • +205.7u ($20,570 PROFIT for a $100 unit member)
  • 10.2% POT

Full Navigation

The service is now fully navigated for members, with the tips sent throughout the day, generally a few minutes before each betting race, direct to Members via our Smartphone App and Member Login Area.

Full ratings sheets for all Saturday betting meetings are also sent to members via E-mail, Smartphone App and Member Login Area.

A detailed 'Guidelines & Members Information Pack' is also available for The Syndicate Tips & Ratings service, with further support and guidance to help you maximise profits.







We recently conducted a Member Survey of both existing and past members of this service, and received invaluable feedback on how to improve the services for members, including providing more navigation (tips) messages.

But rather than hear it from us, in the Member Survey we asked members to give us some feedback regarding the service, and below are their responses.

"The Syndicate is unlike any service I have ever used before. It takes a little bit of time and reading to get your head around how to use the service but once it clicks you really do unlock the keys to the safe as King would say. In the very first week of using the Australian Syndicate Service I made +92 units! The winners just keep on coming including one today at $93 on Betfair to start the day! The 30-page members information pack is also a wonderful inclusion for this service. It basically covers every question you could possibly have about the service and even provides some clear examples of how to bet. If that isn't enough there are even videos on YouTube to watch which show you how to bet in different circumstances. A big thank-you to both Winning Edge and the Syndicate for offering this service. I'm taking my wife to Qld for a 10-day holiday with the winnings from my first week using the Syndicate. Looking forward to the future with The Syndicate and King!" - Rick M

"I have been using the syndicate for over a year now and it is the best punting decision I have ever made, great results every week." - Trent V

"Winning has been made easy with the Syndicate's Ratings! Everything is set up for you. The ratings sheets are clear & simple to use. And very accurate! Any changes are advised during the day. I have been enjoying a number of the Syndicates services since they set up with WEI 8 months ago. There are great resources such as many You Tube videos on different topics to help ensure your success. It is excellent value for a relatively small fee. It’s amazing how often rated runners will fill the Quinella or Trifecta positions. And at great value prices! Recently at Avondale our horses Agey Babe at $130 on Betfair fought out the finish with the winner Travelling Kate at $24 & a larger bet amount. The very next racing day Roc Cha finished off the meeting & started the celebrations at $36! When things open up I look forward to using my winnings for holidays to some of the places I have been betting on. Like New Zealand & Singapore!" - Neil B

"I’ve been with this service since Nov 2020. I’ve made $12,000 in profit. In this time I’ve had some big winners - Gallant Lad and Island Charm in particular was a 3k win off $65 outlay and a race I’ll never forget after the horse that we had more on missed the start. The King is quality with the sheets and entertaining with his comments, as he’s right there riding the winners and losers with you. This service provides info which translates into success with the added bonus of entertainment. It’s helped me with dealing with the restrictions placed on my work situation & income & stresses that came along with it. The number 1 thing this service has helped me realise is a ‘favourite’ is just a word." - Tim K-V

"I've been a member of Australian Tips & Ratings for 6mths & I’m still staggered just how profitable this service is. In the past I would've been happy with 10 unit profit over a weekend now I’m consistently making 30-40 units profit a week it’s unbelievable. On top of huge profits the education King provides has made me a better punter/investor." - Mark E

"The Syndicate in a word is fantastic, if you have the time to follow the races and are not looking for a bet and forget option there is no comparison for what I have been able to achieve following the Australian service. The Syndicate has completely changed my mindset to racehorse investing and the results have genuinely been amazing. If you can follow the sheets without emotion and not listen to all the racing "white noise", anybody can achieve these outstanding results also. The assistance that is provided by "The King" and the WEI team to make everyone successful is second to none and his celebrations are absolute gold." - Craig S

"By far the best service I've come across. King has the ability to find winners that NO others can & even better the ability to read markets to let the races go where the favourites look to win (and gets it right almost 100% of the time). I have at times won more in 1 race as I have in other services across a month / months. His dedication to this service & those who join are far above what's in the market. He cares for our banks. Thank you King for helping improve my punting skills (and all the great banter that comes with it)." - John F

"With $20 bets have made over $11,000 profit in the last 4 months - great service and King is entertaining as well. Customer service is exceptional - highly responsive & good solutions. I used small bets to learn from King and now I will graduate to bigger bets. Don't know how they get so many sheets out on so many tracks. Love it." - Shirley S

"Have been with the service for 4+ months now, and it's opened my eyes to a whole new manner of investing as a bettor. King and team have an uncanny but skillful knack of identifying value horses at odds and boy do they get up! The service is one with a long term view, so there can be variance but the fill ups cover that and then some." - SV

"The Syndicate have tipped me into the highest priced wins I’ve ever had." - Tom V

"The service has been very interesting, a unique way of looking at punting. Sticking to the rules will find many big winners over the course of a day. King’s approach is different - he wears his heart on his sleeve but clearly has members interests at heart!" - M.H

"This is a high quality excellent service with proven long term a member you are educated through videos and rules as to how to place a bet and on what horses and which meetings...the rating sheets are top shelf...the “King“ entertains members through his numerous posts but also educates members with his insights and reasoning - an enormous amount of work goes into this service and if you put in the hard work as a member you will reap an excellent return." - Brett H

"As an owner and punter over an extended period this is not only the service that produces consistent performance and outstanding ROI, but also educates as to how the market is evolving and changing. Invaluable on many levels." - Dan C.

"As a new member only 3 wks in, I have found everything I have been sent in regards to learning this system easy to follow. I am still evolving however my mindset is already so different from when I started. I have emailed questions to the team & been very impressed with the quick reply & detailed response. I became a member because I am approaching retirement and wanted to turn a life time hobby into a real income. With this I can travel around & make money at the same time. Thanks guys, keep up the good work." - Tony

Absolutely amazing service providing a true rating on each races. Gone are the days of being fooled by the bookies on false favourites and what a life altering way of making money on a sport I love!! Thanks King and the team for an excellent service and keep the winners coming. Clive

"Over a number of years I lost a little money each year, sometimes breaking even but always telling myself that my luck would change and big winning years are just around the corner. Of course I did not have the time or the inclination to do the research that is needed for this to happen. So I kept losing a little money each year which was really starting to get under my skin because I love a bet but hate losing money. Then I decided to invest in the Australian Syndicate Service. Now I am constantly winning, not every day but most days. The winning days are usually huge. It will be the best bet you have ever made by using this service." - P. Kilby

"I find the knowledge of King and the syndicate outstanding.. he is not afraid to abandon a meeting because the track is not reading right or the bookies are aligned with his ratings.. funny thing is he is rarely wrong.. King has an outstanding knowledge of the industry which in my opinion is second to none." - A.B

"This service is the real deal. No other service comes close to offering this level of punting success." - Adrian P





If you love a bet on a Saturday, The Syndicate's Saturday Only Service covers all Australian racing on a Saturday, and has made +205.7 UNITS PROFIT so far in 2021.

The Syndicate also offer a simple Bet & Forget service called Syndicate Sizzlers, which bets predominantly on Saturdays, sends all bets at 11am and you can simply place all bets at BOB.

Subscribe to the The Syndicate - Saturday Only Service for a month, and we will give you a FREE MONTH TRIAL to Syndicate Sizzlers ($287 value).







Learn more about The Syndicate

This professional, full time horse racing betting syndicate is headed by ‘King’ Abraham, who use their own sophisticated custom-built proprietary database to generate highly accurate ratings.

  • This crack team has 115 combined years of horse racing betting experience.
  • Ratings, tips and staking are provided, with all results recorded simply at Betfair SP (less commission).
  • Ratings are provided for every race
  • The ratings are based on an entirely mathematically based process. The Syndicate win by trusting implicitly the statistics, data and mathematics.
  • Members receive a set of guidelines to follow to successfully bet using the ratings, with the majority of bets sent direct to your phone as tips via our Smartphone App ahead of each betting race.

Find out more below about The Syndicate:

They find value in getting favourites BEATEN

This is not a service that goes around backing favourites - in fact quite the opposite.

The team mostly identifies favourites that are overbet, and bets to get them BEATEN.

It's important to note this service only suits members who can bet late (in the last 2-5 minutes before race start time). It is different to many of our offerings, this is not a bet & forget type service.

Best results are achieved by monitoring prices and betting late with Corporate Bookies, Totes or Betfair. We recommend a 100 unit betting bank with the Saturday Only Service

Decades of experience

The Syndicate has a combined 115 years of horse racing experience. Their methodology has been tried and tested, and their team and members have been reaping the financial benefits for years.

The team spends up to 15 hours a day analysing the data, ratings and odds race by race, meeting by meeting, day by day in order to ensure that they are providing the best in horse racing tips across Australia. While many algorithms base their recommendations on simple variables like past performance and weight, the Syndicate takes a far more advanced approach.

The Syndicate uses apples-to-apples and horses for courses comparisons to calculate the likely performance of horses based on every factor available, including weight, track conditions, speed maps, and track surface. They monitor the market in real-time to ensure their tips are financially sound recommendations.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Syndicate's spreadsheet with ratings for every race, including every runner that is considered a potential bet should the market price exceed the rated price
  • Messages around 2-5 minutes out advising which horses to back and the stake (called Navigating, occurs regularly but not always)
  • All bets are recorded simply at Betfair SP. So even those with banned or restricted accounts with bookmakers can easily follow this service with great success
  • Memberships strictly capped to protect prices for members, as this is the key to winning
  • A 30 page The Syndicate Tips & Ratings - Members Information Pack which describes the approach, guidelines to follow and FAQs
  • A suite of over 30 You Tube videos in a playlist explaining how to successfully navigate the sheets to maximise your profits
  • We are so confident in this service it comes with our Profit Guarantee for all quarterly or yearly memberships
  • Using a fair, consistent and transparent Odds Recording Methodology, all bets are recorded simply at Betfair SP (less applicable commission)
  • Members of multiple services will also receive Loyalty Bonus Credits for joining this service (up to 30% for some members).
  • 300 unit betting bank recommended for the Australian Service, 200 unit betting bank recommended for the International Service, and 100 unit betting banks recommended for the Saturday Only Service, Syndicate Sizzlers and individual State and Country services.





You can supercharge your profits by joining Australian Tips & Ratings - The Syndicate.

This is SEVEN services in ONE! You'll get Tips & Ratings for all Metro, Provincial & Country racing in every state of Australia.

It truly is a game-changing service, covering Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory & Tasmania.

  • Triple the value: Seven services for the price of two

The results speak for themselves, since January 2020 (Betfair SP less commission) it has delivered:

  • +2219.3 units profit
  • 13.1 % POT

= $221,930 profit for a $100 per unit member







Invest intelligently with Winning Edge

Official results are tallied using our fair odds recording policy: either the third-highest fixed price available, Betfair SP, or the tote option advised. With over 20 bookmaker options available to punters in Australia, plus three totes, plus Betfair, most members exceed official results.

Every member receives a 130 page Members Information Pack full of information on how to maximise their profits, covering topics including how to get the best possible odds, how to avoid getting banned by the bookies, improving mindset, sound bankroll management, understanding variance, FAQs and much more.

Our analysts are highly experienced, professional punters in their own right: if they're recommending a bet to you, it's because they're backing it themselves.

Our clients include full time and semi professional punters, stewards, trainers, jockeys, owners and media, all the way through to novices who want to simply 'bet and forget' profitably with Australia's most respected, reputable & profitable tipping organisation

All services have a long term track record of sustainable profit, with full transparency, honesty and accountability. Winning Edge is the only tipping organisation with results posted to the website and social media daily, win or lose.

Our team is made up of real people with social media profiles who are always contactable & passionate about providing more than just tips, but also education and advice to punters on how to become highly profitable long term.

We have a long list of testimonials from happy, successful long term clients who have been with us since inception. Unlike virtually all other tipping organisations, we don't and have never received affiliate commission payments from bookmakers based on your losses.

Sick of losing? Start treating your betting like a business with Winning Edge Investments.