How do I avoid getting banned by the bookies?

We regularly have members e-mail us relaying various stories and grievances about being banned by certain bookies. The first time it happens can be quite pleasing in some respects, but it quickly gets incredibly frustrating.

As a result we decided to write an article about potential ways to avoid being banned by the corporate bookies.

If you continue to follow successful horse racing and sports betting services with Winning Edge Investments, you'll see the value of your corporate bookies accounts increasing over time.

Whilst this is obviously the aim, and very pleasing, unfortunately it may come (or have already come) with an unwanted side effect - We’re talking about being banned or restricted by your bookie, and it’s, a problem encountered by successful punters throughout the world.

While many bookmakers are good at generating publicity for taking large bets, you may be surprised just how quickly they ban winning punters. Some bookies only want the ‘mug money’, and target those who have been long-term losing TAB punters. Winners might be grinners, but they can also be quickly banned.

Fortunately in Australia this issue has been mitigated to some degree, with Minimum Bet Laws now in place with all bookmakers, ensuring even banned and restricted punters can get set.

When deciding whether to limit your bets or close your account, bookmakers will analyse many factors, including:

1) Bet Size:

As a general rule the bigger the bets, the more likely it is for your account to be flagged

2) Bet Staking:

Punters wagering very specific amounts (for example $117 on one bet, $88 the next)

3) Bet Timing:

If you’re betting just before the jump, it doesn’t allow the bookie to manage his risk or exposure as well as they would like

4) Specialising:

If you bet exclusively within a certain state (or sport) you’re also more likely to be limited or banned

5) Profitability:

Both in terms of dollars and profit on turnover. Bookmakers run client profiling software over your account to ascertain whether you’re winning at a level that is higher than they are comfortable with

6) Withdrawals:

How much money are you taking out of your account, and are they likely to get these funds back?

So how do you avoid being banned, or otherwise find a way to still get your bets on? Some suggestions are as follows:

1) Spread your bets across multiple bookies

We would consider this particularly important if you are betting over $80 per unit. Although we continually spruik the merits of holding accounts with numerous bookies, they will ban you eventually if you are betting in large unit sizes and winning.

Consider having a portion of your stake with these bookies, and placing the rest with other bookmakers (or Betfair!!). Bets of over $100 often trigger a review. So if we suggest having say 1.8 units on a runner, and you are betting $100 per unit (total bet $180), consider having $60 bets with three different bookies.

2) Consider staking your bets in 'round numbers'.

This is actually why the staking for our services are usually in round numbers (e.g. 1 unit, 2 units, 0.5 units, 1.5 units etc). If you are staking in exact/specific amounts (e.g. $91, $132 etc), the bookies may assume you are following a service, or staking using a measured system or strategy. As a result they may cotton on to you quickly once you start winning.

If a suggestion is for 0.91 units and you bet $100 per unit, you may want to consider staking 0.90 units instead. Alternatively, place say $80 across one or two bookies, and the other $11 with another bookie. Although an uneven number, at least because the $11 unit staking is small, and hence the bookie will be less concerned.

3) Place your fixed odds bets early where practicable.

Not seconds before race start time. This allows the bookie time to manage their risk or exposure by betting back through corporates. As we've outlined previously, it often results in you obtaining the best price anyway.

4) Diversify

If you usually only bet on certain sports, or certain days / meetings / venues, hopefully our services add another dimension to your betting portfolio which reduces the bookie's belief that you are specialising in anything in particular, and may even have the bookies believing you are just sitting around at home bored betting on the main racing events. You can look at a range of potential options here: Products - Winning Edge Investments

5) Small meaningless bets

It can be worth having a number of small meaningless bets to reduce your average bet size in their systems, and have small bets across other states, on various obscure sports or overseas races etc.

Even if you just break even, or even make a slight loss, the reduction in your average bet size and the fact the bookie thinks they might get some of your winnings back will have them leave your account open for longer. It's all about the bookie not believing that you are only following a tried and true method which will undoubtedly produce long term profits. As soon as they see you are 100% structured, measured, and are not going to be a losing punter long term, they will eventually cotton on to you and close your account.

The longer you can hold them off from restricting or closing your account, the better!

Placing bets on multis and major sporting events are good ways of keeping bookies off your scent. You can always place the opposite bets with another bookie, or lay off on Betfair.

6) Withdrawals

One other way to help extend the life of your account prior to it being restricted or closed is to simply not make any withdrawals! Of course, this isn't possible for everyone, but given certain bookies with the best prices could be quick to cut you off, where possible consider making deposits but no withdrawals until the time when they call you and say they have to transfer your funds back to you, as your account has been closed. It's just another factor that will keep you off their radar for longer, as if you're not actually making withdrawals, you can trick the bookies into believing they still have a 'chance' to get their funds back.

7) Bet BOB

Bookies such as Vicbet & Betdeluxe bet BOB (Highest of Best Tote, Starting Price (SP) and Top Fluctuation (TF)) on all mainland Australian races every day. 

We have horse race betting services that record all results based simply at BOB, making them easy to follow and win without having to rush and take fixed prices, such as the below option:

SPEED STARS - Winning Edge Investments

8) Get more bookmaker accounts

Obviously if you have an account restricted, then simply getting accounts with as many Corporate Bookmakers as possible is a great solution. Some such as Topsport and David Dwyer are known to be a lot more generous with their bet size limits, and tend not to ban or restrict punters.There are over 30 corporate and rails bokmaker online options these days, so there are plenty of options.

And what if you've already been banned from multiple bookies?

9) Get on Betfair!

This should be on the radar for any punter, but for those of you who have been banned from multiple bookies, it is of particular importance.

Betfair is a godsend for professional punters as they actually encourage you by reducing your commission rate as your bets increase. It’s in their best interests to attract high turnover punters to the site as they don’t have any exposure like a bookmaker, instead they just take a small percentage of all the winning bets.

We've already written at length about the fact that on a very large proportion of occasions, our winners could have been backed at a better price than the fixed odds or totes through Betfair. If you're severely restricted in your use of corporate bookies, give them the flick and start focusing on Betfair!

Our services run by The Syndicate record all bets simply at Betfair SP, so are a great option if you are tired of, or restricted by, the Corporate Bookmakers: The Syndicate - Winning Edge Investments

If you keep following Winning Edge Investments services you may be surprised how quickly you get your first e-mail or phone call to inform you that your account has been restricted or closed (if it hasn't happened already). So please be vigilant in following the advice above. We trust it will help!