As these are recurring memberships, Credit Card & Debit Card are the only payment methods available.
Your membership with us is dependent on the package you subscribe to. For example, when you buy a monthly membership, you pay for the first month and you will be automatically debited each month. If you buy a yearly package, you will pay for the first year and you will be automatically debited each year after initial purchase. Once you have subscribed there is nothing more you need to do. But there are no lock-in contacts, and of course you can opt out at any time by cancelling in the member area of our website, or by simply letting us know, it's as simple as that. 
If you buy a monthly subscription, you will be billed on that day and your subscription will run until the corresponding day of the following month. Similarly, if you buy a yearly subscription you will be billed on the first day and your subscription will remain active until the corresponding day the following year. Your subcriptions will automatically recur unless you choose to cancel.
Yes of course. You can cancel yourself anytime through your Subscriptions section of the Member Login area, or simply e-mail us to do it for you. This will ensure that you are not charged for any more subscription payments, and the last payment you made prior to cancelling will be your last.

Refunds are not provided part of the way through a subscription period, however you are allowed to immediately terminate any membership for pro rata credits, and then utilise those credits to transfer to any other service of your choice.
Let's say you pay for the monthly service, but want to upgrade to the quarterly service. You can upgrade any package in the Subscriptions section of your Member Area.
Each of our services differs in delivery times. The aim of each service is to send bets out at the optimal time for members to secure the best possible price. All bets are sent to members via e-mail, Smartphone App and are also accessible in the exclusive Member's Login area.

For our horse racing services, tips are sent most days, usually between 9am and 12.30am each raceday. This is when all bookmakers have prices available, and minimum bet laws take effect, so that all of our members can get set if wanting to take a fixed price before prices are crunched in later in the day.

On rare occasions, tips are sometime sent before 9am or in the day(s) preceding to take advantage of the early markets, but only when most bookies have markets open. As a result our members are able to bet like professionals, take advantage of bookmaker errors and get set with top value market prices ahead of when other professional punters dive in and take the price.

Our sports services often tend to send their bets in the afternoon and early evening.

We do not have set release times for some services, and for good reason. From our experience, set release times can become a 'running of the bulls' type situation with everyone rushing to get prices which disappear quickly and are inaccessible to most members, which is of no benefit to the majority. Hence we spread our release times, and release when optimal prices are available to members.
It varies significantly for each service. The best way to review and check this is by downloading the results spreadsheet for the service you're interested in, and reviewing the average number of tips sent per day.
A unit is the proportion of your bankroll that you invest on each race. Betting with an allocated bank is critical, as is a staking plan. The size of bankrolls varies greatly across racing investors, so the unit based system is used to ensure the correct proportion of your bankroll is placed on each event you have invested in, regardless of the dollar size of your bankroll. We recommend all members start with a 100 unit bank, and invest 1% of their bank per unit. Your bank could be $1000, and hence you would invest $10 per unit. If your bank is $10,000, you would invest $100 per unit.

This is a safe and highly successful staking strategy that most effectively balances risk and reward, ensuring that you maximize profits whilst also minimizing any chance of blowing your entire bank during a drawdown period. It is a strategy most successful professional punters use worldwide, and separates us from most other tipping services that offer no staking suggestions, or stake haphazardly with no regard for the betting bank of their members.
We have some very serious punters as members, however our service is straightforward enough for even novices to enjoy. If you know how to read an e-mail or App push notification, find a race or spoting event, find the horse or team and place a bet then you're on your way. The one key factor is knowing how much you are betting per unit, so that when we send out the selection you know how much to invest. Conveniently, it's pretty simple! If you're betting $100 per unit and we suggest 1 unit win on Makybe Diva, then you place $100 the win on Makybe Diva. If we suggest 0.5 units each way on Vinnie Roe, then you place $50 to win and $50 to place on Vinnie Roe. Note if you were only betting say $10 per unit, you would have $10 the win on Makybe Diva, and $5 to win and $5 to place on Vinnie Roe. Remember your staking is all relative to your total bankroll. All members receive our exclusive 120 page Member's Information Pack to help them ensure they are following our methods and maximising their potential profits. The tips, stake and bankroll management are provided for you in an easy-to-understand format. You just need to know how to place the bets. Punters of any size can join, succeed and bet like a professional.
No our tips don't win every week, and any services claiming they do are kidding themselves and frankly lying to their audience. There are losing periods in any form of investing, but the key is to look at our long term record. If you follow our staking methodology exactly then you can expect to make very good profits over the course of the year.

All of our services however have proven to be profitable over the long term. Those members who gave up during the course of a losing period are probably still off blowing their money every week at the track. Those who stuck with our staking system and methodologies made and still make fantastic profits. If you would like to hear what those members had to say, take a look at our testimonials.
To sign up, all you have to do is go to the Membership Options page, find the package(s) you would like, click on 'Subscribe' and follow the prompts. If you have any questions please contact us
The purpose of our Profit Guarantee is to prove that we absolutely have ‘skin in the game’ with you. The vast majority of tips and/or ratings services do not offer any sort of compensation if you lose following their selections. We offer one so that during a period of variance, you can continue receiving the service without the added cost of a membership payment.

All Winning Edge Investments services come with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships. We’re so confident in each package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment! Simply send us an e-mail after your payment is made to request the immediate refund.

If the service does not show a profit based on our official results during the period of your subscription, then we will refund the payment you make for your next period's subscription, unless the amount of the previous payment was lower. In this case the amount of the previous payment (the payment amount over the period that the profit guarantee calculation relates to) will be refunded.

This means if credits were used in the purchase over the period the profit guarantee calculation relates to, then the profit guarantee refund will be for the amount paid in cash, excluding the credits used. If only credits were used for the entire purchase of the quarterly or annual membership, then the profit guarantee refund cannot apply for that calculation period.

Note that if the relevant service has made an overall profit during the period of your entire membership since you first subscribed, then the profit guarantee refund will not apply.

Our Profit Guarantee applies to all Quarterly or Annual memberships.

For the purposes of eligibility, it is not a refund of that current period's subscription. If you cancel or do not make your recurring payment on or before your subscription recurring date, you are not entitled to the Profit Guarantee Refund.

The Profit Guarantee Refund is for genuine, bona fide ongoing members only. Hence, we cannot advise of Profit Guarantee eligibility ahead of the next membership payment, but you can easily check this yourself using the results spreadsheets.

Profit Guarantee Refund requests must come after being billed (not before). If the request comes longer than 72 hours after being billed, the refund will be provided as a credit instead. If the request comes before the payment has been made, it will be ignored.

If a service changes substantially from one period to the next, or the analyst changes for the same type of service, then the profit guarantee does not automatically apply. However, we will assess on a case-by-case basis and may offer service credits.

If a service is completely cancelled by you or us, and you either are transferred to a new service of your choice, or you Immediately Extend an existing service, the profit guarantee refund does not apply for that subscription period, until your next payment for a full quarter or annual membership. For avoidance of any doubt, Profit Guarantee Refunds do not apply to changed or transferred services over a payment period.

If you extend your service period through the use of loyalty bonus credits, the profit guarantee applies only to the original period of the subscription. As the membership period provided through loyalty bonus credits is delivered at no cost, it stands to reason that the profit guarantee does not apply for this period. This is also to avoid people 'gaming' the system by increasing their expiry date through the use of loyalty credits in order to attempt to gain an additional profit guarantee period.

Pausing memberships is a benefit we offer members, but it adds a lot of complexity to the profit guarantee calculation assessment, and we reserve the right to include or exclude the paused period at our discretion.

Profit Guarantee Refunds can only be actioned for payments made via credit card or Paypal. Payments via Cryptocurrency or Bank Transfer cannot be refunded, and hence your membership will be extended by the equivalent pro rata time period rather than a refund made.

Profit Guarantees do not apply to free trial periods. For very special offers such as pay for one quarter and get one free, which then renews to a standard quarter, then one quarter is assessed as a free trial, and the other quarter as paid, so the profit guarantee is assessed on each quarter individually at our discretion.

Our decision in relation to the profit guarantee refund is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The results posted on Twitter are done by members as a service to other members, to give them an idea of the results for the day, week, month and overall for the service. They are usually correct, but results are official after they have been reviewed by the analysts and the spreadsheet uploaded to the website.
All of our expert analysts and professional punters back their selections heavily themselves for as much as they can get on. However due to their success and subsequent heavy bookmaker restrictions, our experts can't place bets for a sufficient amount as the bookies won't take their bets. Each corporate bookmaker however is required with the minimum bet laws to bet you to win $2,000 on a Sydney Saturday race, which means smaller punters can get on for their desired amounts. Our experts spend the majority of their time devoted to analysis and upkeep of databases, so running services is an additional way for them to subsidise the enormous time & monetary investment required to be a successful winning punter. The goal of Winning Edge Investments is to help educate the everyday punter on how to make a meaningful long-term profit, and our professional punters and experts love the process of providing education and information to help their members, or they simply wouldn't do it.
To be frank, we actually find this type of question childish. If professionals and experts in their fields did not offer their services, then there would be no financial advisors, financial planners, investment advisors, stockbrokers, family offices, real estate agents, buyer's agents, expert marketers, business coaches etc. The list is endless. You could practically walk up to any person in any role and as them the question "if you are so good at X, why don't you do Y". You could walk up to any CEO of a listed ASX firm and say if you're such a good leader, why don't you run your own business? You could walk up to the best chefs in the world working in the best kitchens in the world and ask them if they are so good, why don't they run their own restaurant? There are millionaires and billionaires in all fields of life these days that offer information, advice, training, coaching, books etc to display their expertise and authority on a certain subject to those wanting to follow their methods. Our tipping services are no different.
The fact is that if the markets are small, then there is a limited amount of money that one pro punter or analyst can make betting on those markets, and so it stands to reason that with all of the enormous time and cost investment required to generate highly profitable tips, that they would want to maximise their return on that effort, no different to any person in their chosen field.
Conversely, if the markets are deep, then the odds don't get impacted at all by selling tips or ratings, and hence there is no reason that again that with all of the enormous time and cost investment required to generate highly profitable tips, any person wouldn't want to maximise their return on that effort, no different to any person in their chosen field.


1) If you can't login to either the Member Portal or App, then you could be using the incorrect password

Go to https://www.winningedgeinvestments.com, then click on Member Login (top right)

Underneath where you input your Username & Password, click on Forgot Password, and follow the process to reset your password.


2) If that doesn't work, sometimes it's a cache issue. Simply restart your device, or try login from another device, or try a different web browser.




3) Then the issue is because you have the App downloaded on more than 1 device

2) Delete the app and then download it again

Step 1: Login to the App, click Settings, then click Remove all devices and Logout

Step 2: Turn your phone on and off

Step 3: Download the Winning Edge Investments App again on the App Store or Google Play

Step 4: Manually type your username and password into the App when logging back in (do not accept the auto generated username/password credentials)
If you are having problems with your App Notifications, please try the following solutions:

1) Check your Notifications Settings on your Apple or Android phone for the Winning Edge App. 

Apple: Check Allow Notifications, Sounds & Badges. Make the Banner Style: Persistent. Tick Lock Screen, Notification Centre & Banners. Show Previews: Always. Notification Grouping: Automatic

2) Delete the app and then download it again

Step 1: Login to the App, click Settings, then click Remove all devices and Logout

Step 2: Turn your phone on and off

Step 3: Download the Winning Edge Investments App again on the App Store or Google Play

Step 4: Manually type your username and password into the App when logging back in (do not accept the auto generated 
We do not send messages via SMS, because if you want to receive the tips on your mobile phone we already have 2 ways you can do that:

1) Download the Winning Edge Investments App, which sends you App Notifications anytime a tip is sent, which is better than an SMS

2) Set up your phone to notify you when you receive an e-mail, which will notify you with a message anytime one of our e-mails is sent