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Dean Evans

Trial Spy & Dean's Tips



Dean aka the Trial Spy is the most profitable tipster in Australian history, and has made his services public since the start of 2013. Dean has been featured on RSN racing radio, Punters and the Business of Betting Podcast regularly in Australia for his innovative and revolutionary approach to form assessment, and has been featured on numerous webinars and podcasts as a leading authority in the racing world. In addition Dean was independently ranked the Number 1 tipster on a public tipping website with thousands of professional, media and amateur tipsters.

Dean uses a combination of advanced form, speed, class, weight, rating, video and sectional analysis, plus the use of advanced statistical data and knowledge and his unique concept coined 'isolation' to provide highly profitable tips to members.

Since Jan 2013 Dean's combined services have generated profits of over 1200 UNITS (or $120,000 for someone betting $100 per unit). Please note all of these selections and results are publicly verified, having been sent to members prior to the races with results uploaded daily for review by all members for over 7 years.

No that's not a misprint. Comprehensive benchmarking has confirmed that these combined results have been industry leading over this period in Australia, with no other single analyst having delivered such substantial, verifiable results for members.

King Abraham

The Syndicate



This groundbreaking new Tips & Ratings service is provided by a full time betting syndicate, headed by 'King' Abraham, who use their own sophisticated custom-built proprietary database to generate highly accurate ratings. Tips & Staking are provided with all results recorded simply at Betfair SP (less commission).

Cameron O'Brien

WA Tips & Ratings


Full-time professional punter Cameron O'Brien  was bred to be a pro punter, with his father responsible for the Victorian weight & class tables and ratings for Don Scott's classic book 'The Winning Way'. Cameron shares databases with Mark Rhoden who heads our highly popular and successful NSW Tips & Ratings service. Not only does Cameron have a punting pedigree, he was also taught by some the best in the business.

Before going out on his own, he worked for the likes of industry veterans Mark Read and Gerard Twomey (Iasbet). As a result, his success story reaches to impressively raising a family of five children, all from his punting profits.

Cameron can be described a “flat track bully”. He knows what works and has found his niche working the WA market with his ratings system. It’s a proven 'cash cow' and he knows the inner workings of the state like the back of his hand due to an isolated, steady and limited pool of horses, trainers, jockeys, and tracks that are virtually always dry.

It means Cameron has a distinct advantage. His accurate ratings can generate exceptional profits because he works on a stable environment with less variables and biases.

All bets can be placed simply at BOB or Betfair SP.

Lachlan Mosley

Blackbook Racing


Lachlan Mosley has produced over 300 units profit since starting in 2016.

Lachlan develops his edge through thorough video analysis, combined with professional assessment of sectional times. Lachlan watches hours of videos and live races; documenting his findings in each race to highlight runners he would like to follow. When those runners appear next he uses his form analysis skills to identify when those horses should be backed, and when they should be left alone. Lachlan only backs runners at double figure odds, and all bets can be placed simply at BOB or Betfair SP.

Peter Jones

Saturday Specials and Feature Futures



Peter Jones is a full time professional punter who was professionally trained as a video analyst at Humbleton (the company that provides analysis for the biggest betting syndicate in the world).

Peter also worked as a form analyst for an Australian wide company that provides selections in TAB outlets.

Peter provides the Saturday Specials service which is a combination of Peter's Blackbookers from video analysis, and Peter's Rating Specials, that are put through an initial set of criteria, and then further form analysis is performed with regards to jockeys & trainers etc. All bets are simply recorded at BOB.

Peter also provide Feature Futures, a service that focuses entirely on Futures Betting; betting on major races (usually G1, G2, G3 or LR races) before the final field is announced.

Mat Smith

Speed Stars


Mat Smith has been a form analyst for the last 10 years. Mat's Speed Stars model narrows down the number of races to analyse and once he has reviewed the model selections and the other horses in the race, he determines if the race represents a betting opportunity.. It is a very selective process with an average of 4-5 selections per Saturday, sometimes there are none and other days there are 10 or more, but he never makes a selection that is not a genuine winning chance based on the information available. The Speed Stars model has generated over 400 units profit in under 2 years.

Luke Murrell

Greyhound Genius


Luke Murrell is a well-established name in Australian racing, having won a huge number of big races – including the Melbourne Cup – as an owner and bloodstock manager. One of racing's most highly respected form analysts, Luke learned his craft under Rob Waterhouse for many years, and has selected and bought multiple Group 1 winners for himself and clients, including Melbourne Cup winner Protectionist, and recent Group 1 winners Brave Smash, Tosen Stardom and Master Of Design. Luke faciliates the provision of the Greyhound Genius service.

David Barrett

NRL Tips


David Barrett is an engineer with a university educated mathematical background. These NRL (National Rugby League) Tips, including staking plan, have a standard set release time of midday Tuesday. This advanced model has generated 268 units profit over the past 4 seasons.


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Why We Exist

Mission and Purpose

Our mission and purpose is to equip you with the tips, ratings, education and mindset you require to make consistent long-term profits from your betting by following the proven, professional, investment approach of our services.

Betting on horse racing and sports presents the opportunity to generate a lucrative, tax-free income for anyone who follows the tried and tested methods used by professionals who generate sustainable profits long term from their analysis.

How do we achieve this mission?

The key to our success is that we are fiercely independent. We independently identify, analyse and assess all of the leading professional punters and expert analysts in Australia, and then invite only the very best to offer their premium services to a select and limited group of members. Each analyst is a proven long-term winning punter, with a demonstrable edge over the market in their specialised niche area of focus, whether that be a particular jurisdiction or niche within horse racing or sport.

Consider Winning Edge Investments akin to the ASX Top 20. In the same way that the ASX Top 20 represent the best 20 ‘bluechip’ companies in the Australian stockmarket, we represent the best analysts & services available in the Australian betting market.

Everything we do is completely aligned with our mission and purpose, to help you generate long-term, tax-free profits from your betting. We conduct the due diligence, research and analysis to bring you who we consider to be the best service options available in the Australian market.

The analysts whose services we offer are independent to Winning Edge Investments. Their results are collated, reviewed and checked independently by us daily, and we upload and post their results on our website and social media daily whether they win or lose. All our analysts must also honour our famous ongoing profit guarantee refund, which inextricably aligns their interests with yours. We also offer a world-class loyalty bonus credits program that rewards members who build a portfolio of services to maximise their returns, and display the education & mindset required to succeed.    

Even our support staff are independent contractors. They are a group of members, fans and successful, well-educated punters who are well trained in our methods, philosophies, and requirements so that they can effectively perform various functions such as collating, verifying and uploading results spreadsheets, updating social media, enhancing the advanced education on our website, YouTube & SoundCloud, identifying, reviewing and assessing potential analysts for suitability, responding to member queries and much more.


We are honest & transparent with results, and will tell you upfront that if you expect to win every day then you're in the wrong game, but if you are serious and committed about your goal to become profitable, and generate a sustainable, profitable tax-free betting income then this is the service for you.

Our Promise

We guarantee all of our products and services. Our entire business and its success have been founded on the feedback of members. If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our products or services, please e-mail us immediately so that we can work together to resolve the issue satisfactorily.

Why Winning Edge Investments

The results of our expert analysts in the public realm are second to none. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the game, constantly evolving and pushing to innovate to get the extra edge so our members can continue to make substantial long-term profits. If you want to expand your betting education, mindset and skillset, take your betting seriously and become profitable long-term then Winning Edge Investments is the service for you. Our expert analysts back all of their selections heavily, many as their predominant source of income, and live and breathe the betting game, which sets them apart from the other services in the market. Most importantly, unlike virtually all other betting services, our entire business model is designed to be 100% aligned with your interests to ensure your success.

What You Get

Tips sent via Smartphone App, E-mail and Exclusive Member Login Area

We have developed industry leading technology that enables with 1 click of a button to deliver selections immediately and automatically to members via Smartphone App notification, E-mail and Exclusive Member Login to ensure members can rely on the fact that they will receive the selections immediately. 

All the detail you require with every tip

Every tip is sent with all of the information you require to place the bet quickly and easily. Most services only offer a fraction of this information to save their own costs or time, but we know members are busy so we provide it ALL so that members can place their bets on quickly and ensure they get the best possible odds per our recommendations.

Members only education

Every member receives a Members Betting Education Pack (approximately 120 pages) full of information on how to maximise their profits, covering topics including how to get the best possible odds, how to avoid getting banned by the bookies, improving mindset, sound bankroll management, understanding variance, FAQs and much more.

Accurate results recording

Most other services either:

  1. Don't record their results at all
  2. Don't provide them publicly daily for verification
  3. Are very unclear and unfair on how the results were recorded given the lack of information in their tips about where to bet, how much to bet and where to bet
  4. Record at unattainable and unachievable prices
  5. Simply don't record their results accurately
  6. Use an inconsistent method based on whatever gives them the best result
  7. Completely fabricate their results entirely

With our services results are accurately recorded EXACTLY per our official odds recording methodology which is clearly stated on the product page when you sign up.
With over 20 bookmaker options available to punters in Australia, plus 3 totes, plus Betfair, the opportunity is certainly there for all members to greatly exceed results and members report securing significantly greater prices than officially recorded on winners.

No gimmicks or false promises

We don't pretend to win every single bet, day, week or every month. But we have made a profit every year, and our service offers profit guarantees on all quarterly or annual memberships. In addition what we promise is a highly professional, guaranteed service that generates excellent long term profits for anyone who remains disciplined and follows our instructions and methodologies, as evidenced by our results sheet and the testimonials our successful members have been only too happy to provide.

Outstanding long term profits - Guaranteed

All of our services have a significant edge over the marketplace, and have amassed over $800,000 profit for a $200 per unit investor. We are so confident in the profitability of our services we provide an Exclusive Ongoing Profit Guarantee for all of our Quarterly or Annual memberships. If our official results don't show a profit over the term of your subscription, you don't pay for your next subscription.

Loyalty Bonus Credits

Members receive loyalty bonus credits of up to 30% for every recurring membership. It's like any loyalty scheme. Credits can be used to extend the time of existing memberships at no cost, or to reduce or eliminate the cost of becoming a member of a new service.

Outstanding customer support

Every members gets direct access to the full time professional punter or analyst running their service. No more speaking with customer service reps with no actual idea about horse racing, sports or betting.


Having been a member for about 18 months it is clear that Dean provides an absolutely top class service with outstanding results. The results speak for themselves but the fact you can go online and check the results for every single bet ever placed is fantastic. The other great feature is the excellent customer service. He is always quick to respond to emails and is happy to provide advice on a range of betting related queries. Dean’s service has also provided fantastic general betting and staking advice which has been extremely helpful. But at the end of the day, the best part has been really enjoying having additional cash in the pocket over a long period of time.

Rick M

I have been profiting from Dean's Tips for almost 2 years now and have seen my betting bank continue to grow at an impressive rate. During this time my profit from has been approximately $15,000 and this number continues to grow as my unit betting has risen from $50 to $100 per unit. I have found Dean's Tips to be consistently profitable and would highly recommend his service for anyone interested in long-term profits from racing bets.

Pat H

Dean's incredible efforts in delivery consistently winning tips is highly appreciated. The ability to consistently win while recording at the starting price is some of the best tipping I've ever seen. #VeryHappyMember

Nick W

Dean provides the best tipping service I have ever seen. Have been a member for the past 9 months. In that time Dean has delivered a constant stream of big priced winners and regular profits. I have made a profit of around $14,000 from Dean's service and it has paid for our family holiday with airfare booked for next February. I am a true fan !

Damien S

Winning money is as simple as just following the tips with no research needed

Phil D

I've been a member of Winning Edge Investments for over a year and cannot speak more highly of the service from a results and service standpoint. Dean is always quick to reply to emails and is very personable and helpful, and has extended offers and provided advice well beyond what would be expected. Results are transparent and updated regularly and the quality of the tips speak for themselves with the profit provided. Drawdowns occur (like any service), but my bank has never been in danger and they have always turned, and more importantly I have confidence that they will always turn. The results over the last 2 months, with the upgraded selection methodology, have been outstanding and I'm looking forward to that continuing into the spring carnival, where Dean excelled last year. A very happy customer.

Jason P

Keep up the great work. Sorry to have nothing more constructive to say but frankly if you have complaints about this service, you are tough to please.

Jamien R

There is no other investment that I know of that can provide returns of 200% per annum

Richard C

Dean is an expert. It’s not just a tipping service, he uses his domain expertise to find value investments and wagers accordingly. Concise, well timed updates and good insight into staking and pricing to take. Realistic service and quality reporting of results. Been a member for 6 months. Best service I’ve used and have used a lot!


Can't see how it can be improved. Best service I've ever used.... by a long margin!

Graham M

An excellent service that is very professional, profitable and also transparent. Dean is a man clearly ahead of the game.

Matthew P

I've been a member of Dean's Tips for just over 4 years now, and I'm confident Dean is quite simply the best horse racing analyst in Australia.Dean's Tips is the perfect balance of the right selections, staking, and advice - a complete package that should suit any style of punter. The results can clearly be seen by anyone, but in my experience not only can I attest they are accurate, but also well achievable. The service is constantly evolving - a result of the effort and dedication put into it by Dean, which pushes it further and adapts it to the ever changing landscape of the market every year. This is the biggest value I find in being a member - Dean puts in as much work into searching for improvement in the service as a whole, as he does the selections each race day. Also, who doesn't like a big win on a huge race day? Dean's Tips has a large focus on Metro racing, making the bigger race days not only very profitable, but a lot of fun. The structure of the service also gives way to even bigger opportunities through exotics such as Quaddies and Trifectas with the large value that is often found in selections. For me, it's a perfectly balanced service, and (having been a member of many other tips services) if I had to choose only one this would be it.


Obviously I am delighted with this service...winning is so much more enjoyable than losing (even though I am a small bettor). All up, this is an outstanding/personal/rapid response service. Many thanks.

Dan B

I only joined Dean’s two services this year – but so far, it has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve already doubled my betting bank and am extremely happy with how it is all going. I sincerely appreciate the time, effort and everything Dean puts into the services; the fair odds recording methodology, the staking plan, the constant updates, interaction, etc. Just incredible. Dean, you are truly an astute tipster with an incredible ability to derive value from the bookies and I can’t thank you enough. Myself & the missus are looking forward to our long overdue overseas holiday next month, and we both appreciate you paying for the entire trip! Keep it up Dean. It honestly still feels too good to be true... however, somehow it is! Special mention to the team on twitter for the great & transparent updates and the member success manager who has answered countless questions and is happy to give me a call to discuss anything. Thanks Winning Edge!!


I have tried various tipsters, but Dean's Tips stands out as the best. No huff and puff. No exaggerated odds. No false promises. Dean has an uncanny knack of finding winners at good prices. I could not recommend more highly.

John S

Trial Spy is a selection service that provides an exciting profitable tool to your punting armoury. Several of my collects have been exceptional with some recommended wagers arriving at prices exceeding $20 with at least two over $50. As much of the information provided is on young horses who race early in the meeting, I have enjoyed many a day with money in my pocket after the first race or two - a satisfying feeling. Trial Spy ticks all the higher boxes when it comes to Selection Services.

Jack Spring

I have been a Trial Spy member for 4 years. During that time I tried a number of tipping services but kept finding their 'performance promise' was just a sales gimmick. They sold well but the results were invariably ordinary and they didn't publicly list all their tips and results. Trial Spy has always been transparent with its results and consistently out performed anything I have tried - and there have been some nice big odds surprises. In short I trust Trial Spy does his homework thoroughly and genuinely want to get a winning outcome, not just a short term profit from the customer.

Michael Harris

Dean's service is very profitable and he provides excellent customer service. I have been a member since the beginning of the service and cannot fault it. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the service (apart from the great profits!) is that Dean has a major review of the service on a regular basis and this leads to an improved performance. The willingness to do these reviews tells me that Dean strives for continuous improvement, something which I greatly value.


Long term profit machine, excellent value winners my longest subscription service at over 4 years.

Nathan T

I've been a member since inception and Trial Spy is simply the best horse racing tipping service available in Australia. Aside from great profits, a top education in all aspects of betting is also provided through a detailed information pack, commentary on all selections or simply through contacting Dean himself, who is always happy to answer any punting questions, even if they are not directly related to the service itself.


Best betting service available I have been a member for over 2 years and never found anything that comes close. The ability to back horses outside the market for both win and exotic bets have returns like no other


Dean is a revered professional within the industry due to his outstanding results. The only thing higher than his results is the integrity in which the service is run and the transparency of the recording process.

Anthony Jupp

I’ve been following Mark since October 2017 & the results are outstanding. I’ve made huge profits for less than 10 minutes work a week. Mark’s rating sheets are easy to follow & if you ever hear him on a webinar or podcast you will find it really informative.. The official results are 100% achievable due to the staking methods Mark uses, and because selections are sent after Minimum Bet Laws have kicked in.

Ric H

In total, the return is a greater return than any other service I have bet with (long term and short term). His progress has made me re-assess my expectations of other services and returns achievable. Mark backs up his selections with solid reasoning and is discerning and won’t propose a bet into markets he reads as low value. His prices are achievable, I have noticed that if I delay placing my bets it impacts marginally on the prices obtained.

Jarrod P

I have been doing my own ratings for quite a few years now with good results. I wanted to expand my betting portfolio, and after weeks of looking through services, In April after listening to Mark's Webinar and reading his CV, I joined my first service for about 10 years after being burnt too many times. I went in hoping for 10% POT, so the 33% POT Mark has produced in 6+ months has been astounding. Obviously the winning has been great, but understanding how Mark frames markets and bets to market spread has been enormous in helping me maximise my own ratings selections. Suffice to say, I don't bother with NSW racing now, allowing me more time to focus on other markets. Mark has answered emails I have sent him when asking advice and following him on Twitter is well worth while if you like a sense of humour and a broad range of subjects. Overall, the service is second to none.

Scott W

Very happy customer. I joined Mark in September 2018, but had heard about him a lot longer than that. Results have been fantastic and Mark always has responded to my questions quickly and been very supportive. The odds are very achievable as taking 3rd best fixed is very fair and of course Minimum Bet Laws kick in as soon as the email hits members. Loving the service and tips. I really enjoy the times they are sent and the organisation for the future tips when they will be coming into members inbox. Keep up the great work and you have one very happy customer. I would recommend this service to anybody.

Scott A

I have been a member of the NSW Tips and Ratings service for 7 months. It is by far the most consistent and accurately measured tipping service I have used. Keep up the good work Mark and thank you for a great ride.

Joshua L

I would have to be a very greedy and inexperienced punter to not be enjoying my time with Mark Rhoden's NSW Tips & Ratings service. I am nearing the end of my fifth week as a subscriber and in that time I have made 30 units profit at a little over 50% on turnover. I haven't had to do anything clever, just stick to the recommended bets. I do manage to get much better odds than Mark recommends due to boosts available on most accounts. Many days I can boost the odds of every bet - it's not as though he is often giving out multiple bets in multiple races. I can't think of any changes that I would like. The provision of his full market for each race, including the non-betting races, allows me to have a few exotics during the day if I see an occasional opportunity for a decent dividend.

Barry L

I have been a member for nearly 3 months but have followed Mark since inception and regret not signing on earlier. Absolute no-brainer of a service to have in your portfolio. Betting in one of the biggest, most exciting racing states in the country with consistent profits. Easy to follow and I have beaten the recorded results quite comfortably. Not afraid to bet in the usually difficult black type races which are always the most enjoyable to watch. Couldn't recommend the service highly enough.

Christian H

I’ve been a member for six weeks with no prior experience in betting or horse racing. I’ve really appreciated the in-depth information provided to guide newbies like me and quick responses to any queries.

Greg I

I have been punting for years. This service is the best service I've seen along with Trial Spy. You are a genius. The best thing I find is that you can easily get the price which is advised, and in my case sometimes better. I'm now winning well. Please don't change anything. Very happy customer.

Andrew B

I added WA Tips when Cameron came onboard to my betting portfolio. The results have been simply remarkable. I have not chased Price and used Best of the Best most of the time. Keep up the great work Cameron.

Andrew B

What I love about WA Tips and Ratings is that the results are exceptional...but eminently achievable. Because Cameron often tips with all or a large percentage of his stake at BOB, even those with limited accounts can get on, and thats whats beautiful. I've tried other profitable services who do well, but you have to be at your desk for the 'rushing of the bulls' on fixed prices, and if you don't have the right accounts, you can't get set. Thats rarely the case with Cameron - the service is regular and predictable yet produces fantastic, achievable results. I'd recommend anyone to get betting with Cam today.


I’ve been with Cameron and his WA Tips since it started in February and it has been fantastic. I’ve just been betting using Best of the Best (BOB) and have achieved great results. Best of all, there have been three winners better than 18/1 over just this short period.

Greg I

I joined WA tips and ratings at the start of March and believe me, these guys are being modest. Not only does the service deliver everything it says it will but by exploiting corporate bookmaker offers such as bet boost and money back 2nd & 3rd offers I have managed to achieve a pot of 80%. I have tested 2 other services, both with break even results, with most of the recommendations being short priced favourites. In a short time WA tips and ratings have already found winners @ $21 & $17. The subscription fee is a pittance for what’s being delivered.

Nigel K

I am a long standing member of Lachlan’s Blackbook service. As a mug punter with 30 yrs experience I understand that backing short priced favourites is a shortcut to the poorhouse, and those tips are freely available from radio and tv tipsters. I believe a paid service should provide well priced selections that aren’t mainstream media tips. This is exactly what Lachlan provides together with a short explanation of why we are backing each horse. I also like the volume of bets provided by Blackbook, I have subscribed to other successful services, where I was uncomfortable with the required outlay to back every selection. Lachlan provides well balanced service that is easy to follow with the suggested bank. A run of outs is easily overcome when big priced winners regularly roll in! To be a successful punter I believe absolutely that the key is to find value runners that are missed by the mainstream press, and this is what Lachlan has been able to achieve for his subscribers.


I have been following Blackbook Bets results for more than 18 months and it is truly amazing how many value runners Lachlan is able to find.

T Mody

A great service with a difference. A focus on value roughies means that wins are further apart but always memorable. That's not to say the returns aren't great though!


Blackbook Bets rocks! Keep up the great work!! Lachlan always happy to answer any questions. The service finds big priced winners. Plenty of ways to achieve or exceed official results. Got a deposit loan for my new house!



Each of our services differs in delivery times. The aim of each service is to send bets out at the optimal time for members to secure the best possible price. All bets are sent to members via e-mail, Smartphone App and are also accessible in the exclusive Member's Login area.

For our horse racing services, tips are sent most days, usually between 9am and 12.30am each raceday. This is when all bookmakers have prices available, and minimum bet laws take effect, so that all of our members can get set if wanting to take a fixed price before prices are crunched in later in the day.

On rare occasions, tips are sometime sent before 9am or in the day(s) preceding to take advantage of the early markets, but only when most bookies have markets open. As a result our members are able to bet like professionals, take advantage of bookmaker errors and get set with top value market prices ahead of when other professional punters dive in and take the price.

Our sports services often tend to send their bets in the afternoon and early evening.

We do not have set release times for some services, and for good reason. From our experience, set release times can become a 'running of the bulls' type situation with everyone rushing to get prices which disappear quickly and are inaccessible to most members, which is of no benefit to the majority. Hence we spread our release times, and release when optimal prices are available to members.

It varies significantly for each service. The best way to review and check this is by downloading the results spreadsheet for the service you're interested in, and reviewing the average number of tips sent per day.

A unit is the proportion of your bankroll that you invest on each race. Betting with an allocated bank is critical, as is a staking plan. The size of bankrolls varies greatly across racing investors, so the unit based system is used to ensure the correct proportion of your bankroll is placed on each event you have invested in, regardless of the dollar size of your bankroll. We recommend all members start with a 100 unit bank, and invest 1% of their bank per unit. Your bank could be $1000, and hence you would invest $10 per unit. If your bank is $10,000, you would invest $100 per unit.

This is a safe and highly successful staking strategy that most effectively balances risk and reward, ensuring that you maximize profits whilst also minimizing any chance of blowing your entire bank during a drawdown period. It is a strategy most succesful professionals punters use worldwide, and separates us from most other tipping services that offer no staking suggestions, or stake haphazardly with no regard for the betting bank of their members.

No our tips don't win every week, and any services claiming they do are kidding themselves and frankly lying to their audience. There are losing periods in any form of investing, but the key is to look at our long term record. If you follow our staking methodology exactly then you can expect to make very good profits over the course of the year.

All of our services however have proven to be profitable over the long term. Those members who gave up during the course of a losing period are probably still off blowing their money every week at the track. Those who stuck with our staking system and methodologies made and still make fantastic profits. If you would like to hear what those members had to say, take a look at our testimonials.

As these are recurring memberships, Credit Card & Debit Card are the only payment methods available.

Your membership with us is dependent on the package you subscribe to. For example, when you buy a monthly membership, you pay for the first month and you will be automatically debited each month. If you buy a yearly package, you will pay for the first year and you will be automatically debited each year after initial purchase. Once you have subscribed there is nothing more you need to do. But there are no lock-in contacts, and of course you can opt out at any time by cancelling in the member area of our website, or by simply letting us know, it's as simple as that. 

If you buy a monthly subscription, you will be billed on that day and your subscription will run until the corresponding day of the following month. Similarly, if you buy a yearly subscription you will be billed on the first day and your subscription will remain active until the corresponding day the following year. Your subcriptions will automatically recur unless you choose to cancel.

Yes of course. You can cancel yourself anytime through your Subscriptions section of the Member Login area, or simply e-mail us to do it for you. This will ensure that you are not charged for any more subscription payments, and the last payment you made prior to cancelling will be your last.

Refunds are not provided part of the way through a subscription period, however you are allowed to immediately terminate any membership for pro rata credits, and then utilise those credits to transfer to any other service of your choice.

Let's say you pay for the monthly service, but want to upgrade to the quarterly service. You can upgrade any package in the Subscriptions section of your Member Area.

We have some very serious punters as members, however our service is straightforward enough for even novices to enjoy. If you know how to read an e-mail or App push notification, find a race or spoting event, find the horse or team and place a bet then you're on your way. The one key factor is knowing how much you are betting per unit, so that when we send out the selection you know how much to invest. Conveniently, it's pretty simple! If you're betting $100 per unit and we suggest 1 unit win on Makybe Diva, then you place $100 the win on Makybe Diva. If we suggest 0.5 units each way on Vinnie Roe, then you place $50 to win and $50 to place on Vinnie Roe. Note if you were only betting say $10 per unit, you would have $10 the win on Makybe Diva, and $5 to win and $5 to place on Vinnie Roe. Remember your staking is all relative to your total bankroll. All members receive our exclusive 120 page Member's Information Pack to help them ensure they are following our methods and maximising their potential profits. The tips, stake and bankroll management are provided for you in an easy-to-understand format. You just need to know how to place the bets. Punters of any size can join, succeed and bet like a professional.

The purpose of our Profit Guarantee is to prove that we absolutely have ‘skin in the game’ with you. The vast majority of tips and/or ratings services do not offer any sort of compensation if you lose following their selections. We offer one so that during a period of variance, you can continue receiving the service without the added cost of a membership payment.

All Winning Edge Investments services come with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships. We’re so confident in each package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full! Simply send us an e-mail after your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.

Note this profit guarantee is very generous. If a service makes a 100-unit profit in the first quarter, and then makes a 1-unit loss in the next quarter, you still get your next quarter for free! Our Profit Guarantee applies to all Quarterly or Annual memberships.

If the service does not show a profit based on our official results during the period of your subscription, then we will refund the payment you make for your next period's subscription. It is not a refund of that current period's subscription. If you cancel or do not make your recurring payment on or before your subscription recurring date, you are not entitled to the Profit Guarantee Refund.

The Profit Guarantee Refund is for genuine, bona fide ongoing members only. Hence we cannot advise of Profit Guarantee eligibility ahead of the next membership payment, but you can easily check this yourself using the results spreadsheets. Profit Guarantee Refund requests must come after being billed (not before). If the request comes longer than 72 hours after being billed, the refund will be provided as a credit instead. If the request comes before the payment has been made, it will be ignored.

If a service changes substantially from one period to the next, or the analyst changes for the same type of service, then the profit guarantee does not automatically apply. However we will assess on a case by case basis and may offer service credits.

If a service is completely cancelled by you or us, and you are transferred to a new service of your choice, the previous profit guarantee no longer applies.

If you extend your service period through the use of loyalty bonus credits, the profit guarantee applies only to the original period of the subscription. As the membership period provided through loyalty bonus credits is delivered at no cost, it stands to reason that the profit guarantee does not apply for this period. This is also to avoid people 'gaming' the system by increasing their expiry date through the use of loyalty credits in order to attempt to gain an additional profit guarantee period.

Profit Guarantees do not apply to free trial periods.

Our decision in relation to the profit guarantee refund is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The results posted on Twitter are done by members as a service to other members, to give them an idea of the results for the day, week, month and overall for the service. They are usually correct, but results are official after they have been reviewed by the analysts and the spreadsheet uploaded to the website.

All of our expert analysts and professional punters back their selections heavily themselves for as much as they can get on. However due to their success and subsequent heavy bookmaker restrictions, our experts can't place bets for a sufficient amount as the bookies won't take their bets. Each corporate bookmaker however is required with the minimum bet laws to bet you to win $2,000 on a Sydney Saturday race, which means smaller punters can get on for their desired amounts. Our experts spend the majority of their time devoted to analysis and upkeep of databases, so running services is an additional way for them to subsidise the enormous time & monetary investment required to be a successful winning punter. The goal of Winning Edge Investments is to help educate the everyday punter on how to make a meaningful long-term profit.

To sign up, all you have to do is go to the Membership Options page, find the package(s) you would like, click on 'Subscribe' and follow the prompts. If you have any questions please contact us


1a) If you can't login to either the Member Login area or App, then you could be using the incorrect password

Go to https://www.winningedgeinvestments.com, then click on Member Login (top right)

Underneath where you input your Username & Password, click on Forgot Password, and follow the process to reset your password.

1b) If that doesn't work, sometimes it's a cache issue. Simply restart your device, or try login from another device, or try a different web browser.


2) Then the issue is because you have the App downloaded on more than 1 device

Go to https://www.winningedgeinvestments.com, then click on Member Login (top right)

Go to App, and press Remove

Delete the App from all of your existing devices, and then redownload it to the device of your choice. It should now work with the correct Username & Password